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Dedicated to the Individual Student

Whether your student is curious, inventive, passionate, analytical—or anything in between—the K12 program makes the most of each child's unique brilliance. Our student community is made up of many families who want a great education for their child.

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Jonas: A California Virtual Academy @ Los Angeles Student


Stacia: Parent of 4 Ohio Virtual Academy (OHVA) Students and 4 OHVA Graduates


Student Body

Advanced Learners

Across every grade, online schooling can be an ideal choice for an advanced learner (sometimes referred to as "gifted and talented"). 

Programs are tailored to precisely fit your student to ensure they are challenged academically. For example, a second-grade student who excels in math and science can work at an accelerated pace. A middle school student who wants to learn another language can take Chinese. Students can advance rapidly in stronger subjects, while progressing at a steady pace in others.

K12 has a long, successful history of nurturing and challenging advanced students.

When you consider the basis of K12—individualized learning—this makes great sense. An individualized approach means we can flexibly design programs to precisely fit your academically advanced student. It's important to understand how crucial such an approach is for the gifted child, and how the flexible K12 program can work so well in that child's favor.

  • Consider an advanced student in second grade who would be bored in an average classroom, taught to the lowest common denominator. Now consider that same second-grade student, free to pursue—for instance—math and science at an accelerated pace and level.
  • Or the online middle school student who wants to take advanced science as well as Chinese, plus have a flexible enough schedule to pursue her talent in music.
  • Or the online high school student who can take college courses, earning both high school and college credits at the same time.

And, by encouraging parent involvement and offering an array of enriching options, you can be fully involved to ensure your talented child is given every opportunity to grow, excel, and reach his or her highest potential.

College- and Career-Minded Students

For students who want to prepare for college, earn college credit while in high school, earn a certification for an intended career, or explore areas of interest while considering their path after high school, K12 offers programs, courses, and targeted support to help them build a successful future.

K12 graduates have gone on to attend major colleges and universities.


Whether you need a complete, integrated curriculum or just one course with or without teacher support, K12 has solutions to meet your needs. Choose from hundreds of options from the core subjects of language arts, math, social studies, and science, and a wide variety of electives like world languages, and many more.

Students Who Need More Flexibility

From athletes to musicians to performers—there are many reasons why a family may need a more flexible, high-quality schooling choice than your traditional brick-and-mortar option. A K12 education allows your child to follow their dream while still receiving a top-notch education with instruction from expert teachers.
An online education is also a great option for military families. It can bring consistency to a child's schooling. If a family relocates any place in the world, their child’s schooling can now go with them.

For students who may be unable to physically attend school, the K12 program allows those with physical restrictions—whether temporary or permanent—to continue learning.

Students Needing More Support

K12 provides the ability for students to go at their individual paces and receive the support they need to get back on track. Online credit recovery courses, summer school programs, and Insight Schools are tailored to provide that personalized attention to help students reach their full potential.