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Struggling Students

Turn struggle into success for kids who are falling behind.

The K¹² curriculum and our flexible schooling programs have been highly praised by educators and parents alike for their ability to support individually-paced learning and help get students on track. A key element of our mission is to serve these children so that they can succeed and thrive.

Here are some situations in which you can turn struggle into success.

Alternative Education

For students who need more time to grasp concepts, or who may need an environment with fewer distractions, the K¹² online learning programs can be highly effective. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching and support, a strong community, and special services into a powerful, effective schooling experience. Regular assessments are built into the courses to help teachers pinpoint exactly where problem areas are occurring and allow them to move swiftly to support the student in coming up to grade level. The K¹² K-8 Program and High School Program are delivered through our online public school partners and K¹²'s online private school, the K¹² International Academy.

Working Students, Medically Homebound

There are a variety of reasons why students may be unable to physically attend school. The K¹² curriculum allows students with physical restrictions or other commitments—whether temporary or permanent—to remain within the school system and keep pace with their peers. 

Catching Up Year-Round

Students who have run into trouble in a given course can be given a second chance with K¹². They can take an online course on their own time to catch up with peers and build self-esteem. Read more about what is often called "Credit Recovery." And it often makes sense to use part of the summer to get back on track. Look into our Summer School options.

Turn Them On To Reading

K¹² PhonicsWorks™ is our own unique early reading program, which prepares your student to become an independent reader, using a kit of magnetized letter tiles and a variety of activities. It has been used successfully by thousands of students and is available for individual purchase.

Language Learning Without Tears

Kids frequently struggle learning a world language. K¹²'s powerspeaK¹² is the only language learning program designed from the ground up for kids in grades 3-12. It may be just what your student needs to make the grade. 

Haven't seen what you need? It may help to review our courses, which are generally available for individual purchase, or take a more comprehensive look at our offerings in the Schools and Programs section.

We will do everything in our power to help turn your struggling student into a successful one!