Online Schools in California

As a national leader in online education for students from kindergarten through 12th grade, K12 offers a variety of California online public schooling options to fit your child's needs. Each school is a full-time, tuition-free online public school. Please be aware that some schools only serve residents of specific areas. Check our School Finder to verify which online school options are available in your location.

K12's California online schooling options include:

California Virtual Academies (CAVA) | Grades K–12

As K12's most popular option in the state, California Virtual Academies offers your student a fully accredited, personalized educational experience. Our credentialed teachers are dedicated to partnering with families and helping students succeed. The rigorous, engaging curriculum includes traditional core subjects, art, music, and world languages. An Advanced Learner Program is available for our younger students, and high schoolers may prepare for college and career with honors and AP® courses and a wide selection of electives. Field trips, social events, and clubs connect students and families to our school community.

iQ Academy California-Los Angeles | Grades K–12

iQ Academy is a high-quality, accredited online charter school that offers innovative use of technology, a rigorous curriculum from K12, individualized learning plans for each student, and accommodations to foster different learning styles. The school is designed to give each student a personally tailored education and help them become independent, self-motivated learners. Social events and field trips create genuine connections within the school community.

Insight Schools of California | Grades 9–12

Insight Schools of California offers high school students the chance to learn in ways that are right for them through a comprehensive, holistic approach to learning. The schools feature a high level of individualized academic, social, and emotional support and offer programs that address students' academic challenges and the needs of their families.

A3-California Prep | Grades K–12

A3-California Prep provides an education that's rigorous and flexible, with field trips and enrichment activities. The school also offers some high school courses approved by the University of California for dual credit.

A3-California TEK | Grades K–12

A3-California TEK is a technology-focused online school with a diverse range of courses and extracurricular activities.

A3-World Language Academy | Grades K–12

As part of the A3-World Language Academy core curriculum, students can immerse themselves in a world language, choosing from among six different languages and extracurricular language clubs. A wide variety of electives are also available, including career technical education courses.

Uplift California | Grades 9–12

Uplift California provides a flexible education for students aged 16–24, with community collaboration days, workforce partnerships, credit recovery options, and enrichment activities.

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How Does it Work?

Online Elementary School

For students in grades K–5, the curriculum is mastery-based, encouraging students to fully master each lesson at a pace suited to their ability. The Learning Coach, who is typically a parent or other family member, is heavily involved in guiding the student through the lessons each day and works closely with the teacher to monitor student progress. Teachers provide frequent instruction through live, online classroom sessions, and they are available for extra help via e-mail or during office hours.

Online Middle School

In grades 6–8, students begin to take more responsibility for their learning as they prepare to transition to high school, although the Learning Coach continues to provide guidance and oversight. Students now receive grades based on their performance, rather than the mastery approach of the elementary grade levels. Frequent, live, teacher-led, online class sessions help students prepare for tests, master challenging concepts, or address gaps in learning.

Online High School

K12-powered high school programs use subject-specific teachers and require students to stay on pace with the class each day. Students are graded on their performance and receive credits toward earning a diploma upon graduation. Live, teacher-led online sessions may be required. Teachers may also hold optional online "office hours" when students need extra help. Courses may be offered in a variety of levels, such as honors, AP®, and credit recovery. Learning Coach involvement varies based on the student’s motivation and abilities.

What Are Online Lessons Like?

K12-powered online public schools in California use the renowned curriculum developed by K12's team of experienced educational professionals. We invite you to explore these links to learn more about our outstanding, engaging curriculum and to try out some of our sample lessons:

What Is a Typical Online School Day Like?

Our website A Day in the Life is a fun, engaging place to meet three real K12 students and find out how they go through a standard school day. Through videos, images, and timelines, you'll see what individualized online learning looks like on an average day for Zachary (5th grade), Elayna (7th grade), Paola (11th grade), and their parents.

Attend a Live Event to Learn More

K12 sponsors live information events for families so you can talk directly with knowledgeable K12 representatives to learn more about our online school options in California. We offer in-person events at locations around the state as well as live online events.

Other Online School Options

Our School Finder page will help you discover all the best K12 online schooling options in California, the U.S., and worldwide, including our private, tuition-based online schools or K12's online public school options in other states.



Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultant can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.