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Our Curriculum

Individualized Curriculum

The Wisconsin Virtual Academy uses the engaging, challenging curriculum from K¹², which is based on decades of education research about how minds really work. The curriculum was designed to let K-8 kids find the learning style that works best for them, and to enable high school students to find their own paths to post-high school success.

Individualized Aventa Learning Curriculum

Wisconsin Virtual Academy supports different learning styles and needs. And with the addition of the Aventa Learning curriculum from K¹² for the 2012–2013 school year, we’ll be able to provide even more options to meet your student where he or she is—whether that's ahead of the game, struggling to keep up, or anywhere in between.

Beginning with the 2012–2013 school year, Wisconsin Virtual Academy will be the only online public school in Wisconsin to offer this accredited curriculum, available for grades 6–12. With this curriculum option, students at different skill levels can take advantage of more than 140 courses, including Credit Recovery, which is available in all core subjects. Plus, all Aventa Credit Recovery courses feature English Language Learners support. For more information on the Aventa curriculum, check out the course catalog.

But no matter which curriculum you use, you’ll find they both feature rich, engaging content that turns minds on—the minds that usually wander when traditional classes are too slow, the minds that get lost in the shuffle, the minds that need a little more time.

Because we believe that all children deserve to learn without limits.