World Languages

Want your child to learn French or Spanish? How about Chinese? Presenting powerspeaK12. World languages, designed just for kids.

Did you know that learning a world language at an early age can not only enhance your child's linguistic ability, but their cognitive and creative skills, as well? It can also help a child perform better on standardized tests!

How powerspeaK12 Works

The K12 offering in world languages helps students read, write, speak, and listen for meaning in any of five target languages (Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Chinese). Unlike many world language programs that are recycled adult language learning products, powerspeaK12 is designed specifically for children, with levels from grades 3 through 12. Combining a variety of pedagogically refined games, simple narratives, and regular writing and speaking challenges, powerspeaK12:

  • Highlights common vocabulary terms and phrases
  • Introduces younger students to a wide range of grammar patterns
  • Helps older students master numerous grammar principles
  • Prepares students to generate language by incorporating the vocabulary and patterns they have learned
  • Provides culture lessons that challenge younger students to recognize different cultural manifestations while older students analyze and compare practices, products, and perspectives of various target language-speaking cultures

Each week consists of elements such as:

  • An ongoing adventure story
  • New vocabulary or grammar patterns
  • Numerous interactive games reinforcing the week's content
  • Reading and listening comprehension activities
  • Speaking and writing activities
  • Multimedia cultural presentations covering major target language-speaking areas across the globe
  • Assessments so that students can measure their progress in proficiency through quizzes, tests, and regular speaking and writing submissions (assessment frequency varies by grade level)

The course thoroughly meets all national standards as set forth by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) and follows state guidelines in covering level-appropriate standards in communication, cultures, linguistic and cultural comparisons, cross-curricular connections, and engaging with target language-speaking communities.

K12 can help boost your child's world language skills and progress—whether elementary, middle, or secondary.

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