Student Activities and Support

Interaction with Student Peers

Online schools powered by K12 offer enrichment opportunities for your student and the chance for them to engage with peers from across the nation and around the world.

While our students are often busy with sports, church, and activities in their local communities, they socialize with each other through online clubs and field trips—from virtual to real world—to places like local theme parks and museums. There are also science fairs, spelling bees, talent shows, game nights, spring dances, and more.


"We use the computer as a learning tool, but our kids are not glued to it. The K12 curriculum allows kids to follow their passions, travels, and experience many other activities...Kids are learning all the time. The education is flexible for families who have many different interests."

—Dana T., parent

We offer more than 50 clubs* like Lego®, Survival Skills, Chess, Debate, German, Spanish, Quiz Bowls, Glogster, Geocaching, American Red Cross, Mathematical Mysteries of the Universe, American Girls, Guitar, Oceanography, Photography, College Prep, Flamenco Dance, and more.

Competitions and Showcases

Students show off their skills and talents through the Art Competition, Music Showcase, and poetry and STEM competitions.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Several times throughout the school year, students are invited to participate in workshops aimed at developing passion for success, visualizing a path for the future, and becoming effective and positive leaders.

College and Career Workshops

Weekly online workshops are designed to connect students to resources they need to identify their interests and make informed decisions about life after high school—college, careers, and beyond. Our live workshops are hosted by experts on college and career preparation, and they feature guest speakers who represent a wide array of exciting job industries.

Online Summer Camps

These online camps engage students in fun interaction during the summer break. Camps run from July through August.

*Clubs vary by school.