High School Course List

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K12 2015–2016 High School Course List

PLEASE NOTE: Course list varies by school.

English | Mathematics | Science | History & Social Sciences | World Languages
Career Technical Education (CTE) | Technology and Computer Science

Additional Electives
| Orientation






History and Social Sciences

V Includes vLabs (virtual labs)

* This is a one-semester course. All other courses are two semesters.
§ Course satisfies both Core and Comprehensive requirements


  • Course materials will be available in various formats, which may include physical and/or digital materials.
  • High School student athletes can visit the NCAA website for information on NCAA eligibility and a list of courses. Please use your school code when looking for eligible courses offered by your school (or virtual academy). You can also access these courses by using your school name and state. Additional questions can be directed to your school counselor.