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High School Course List

K¹² Math, English, Science, and History courses are offered in multiple levels—Core, Comprehensive, Honors, Advanced Placement, Remediation, and Credit Recovery—to meet the needs of diverse learners.

With K¹², students have tremendous flexibility: they can take the Core level in some subjects and Honors or AP in others—as they build the path to post-high school success that is right for them. Up to four years of a World Language (depending on the language) is offered as well. Finally, students can enroll in a variety of electives such as Anthropology, Web Design, Personal Finance, and more to pursue their passions.

We know that the combination of rich, engaging content with interesting, interactive demonstrations and activities helps students absorb and retain information. The use of graded assignments and assessments further allows students to demonstrate progress against learning objectives. And there are easy-to-use online planning and progress tools to keep students on track, each day.

Below, you'll find a current course listing. Complete information on each course, plus updates, can be found by clicking on each course in the list, or by downloading our high school course catalog.

K¹² 2013–2014 High School Course List

PLEASE NOTE: Course list may vary at some K¹² schools, including K¹² Powered schools.

English  |  Mathematics  |  Science  |  History & Social Sciences
World Languages
  |  Electives  |  Orientation

History & Social Sciences

Many of the courses listed here are also listed in the section for the related subject above.

Technology & Computer Science Electives

TCH010: Computer Literacy *

TCH017: 3D Art I–Modeling *

TCH018: 3D Art II–Animation *

TCH026: Audio Engineering *

TCH027: Green Design & Technology *

TCH028: Digital Arts I *

TCH029: Digital Arts II *

TCH030: Image Design & Editing *

TCH036: Computer Science *

TCH038: Engineering Design/CAD *

TCH040: Web Design *

TCH060: C++ Programming *

TCH061-AVT: Programming I—VB.NET *

TCH062: Programming II—Java *

TCH070: Game Design *

TCH500-AVT: AP Computer Science A

Art & Music Electives

ART010: Fine Art

ART020: Music Appreciation

ART500-AVT: AP Art History

Other Electives

PRJ010: Service Learning *

OTH010: Skills for Health *

OTH020: Physical Education

OTH040: Reaching Your Academic Potential *

OTH050: Achieving Your Career & College Goals *

OTH070: Drivers Safety *

OTH080: Nutrition & Wellness *

OTH090-AVT: Life Skills *

Honors/AP Electives

TCH500-AVT: AP Computer Science A

ART500-AVT: AP Art History


* This is a one-semester course
† New or revised for 2013–2014

High School student athletes can visit the NCAA website for information on NCAA eligibility and a list of courses. Please use your school code when looking for eligible courses offered by your school (or virtual academy). You can also access these courses by using your school name and state. Additional questions can be directed to your school counselor.

PLEASE NOTE: Course list may vary at some K¹² schools, including K¹² Powered schools.