Online Teachers

Fully Qualified to Teach Online

All teachers are thoroughly trained in online instruction methods. The majority have advanced degrees coupled with years of teaching experience. And, they all share a passion for making a difference and helping students learn in the ways that work best for them.

More than 5,000 teachers have been trained by K12, allowing them to leverage the latest educational technologies, expand their skill set, and meet individual students' needs. Besides this extensive training, teachers go through ongoing professional development so they stay current with future advancements in online instruction.

How an Online Teacher Interacts with Students

Teachers meet with their students in an online virtual classroom. There they lecture; show videos, demonstrations, and presentations; ask questions; and hold discussions. They can even put students into small groups for collaborative sessions in their own private online "breakout" rooms.

Teachers and parents communicate by e-mail or phone to discuss student progress and suggestions on areas to focus based on that student's individual needs.

Watch Video Profiles of Three of Our Online Teachers

Once you've clicked the button to start the first video, hover your mouse over the video window and click the icon that will appear in the top left corner to choose another from the playlist.