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Hoosier Academies Virtual School (Grades K–12)

Hoosier Academies Virtual School (HAVS) is a fully virtual or online program serving students in grades K–12. However, we're only enrolling new students in grades K–11 for the 2014–2015 school year until we reach our cap of 3,900 students.

Understanding the K–8 Program

The comprehensive K–8 program used by Hoosier Academies Virtual School was developed by award-winning online curriculum developer K¹², and provides young minds with a learning environment that is truly powerful and unique. The K–8 program combines an innovative, proven curriculum with passionate, certified teachers to create a flexible, individualized learning experience. Add to that a strong community and exceptional special services, and students take part in a powerful schooling experience that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

In K–8, the parent (or other responsible adult), working in conjunction with the teacher, serves as a Learning Coach to the student, helping facilitate progress through daily lessons, and working to modify the pace and schedule according to the child's needs.

Although parents play the role of Learning Coach for their children in managing their schedule and ensuring that work is being completed at a reasonable pace, they are never alone in the education process. The child's teacher communicates regularly with parents via e-mail, telephone, online Web meetings, and even face-to-face in many cases. Teachers remain constantly involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans in the event that a child is struggling. The teacher manages all facets of the instructional experience.

Understanding the High School Program

The K¹² online high school program provides HAVS students with a high school experience that is truly unique. With more than 90 online courses from which to choose, including two to three versions of each of core subject, students can enjoy an individualized high school program tailored to their goals and abilities.

HAVS high school students receive many benefits through the K¹² high school program, including:

  • An outstanding, individualized curriculum from K¹², the leading online K–12 curriculum provider for the K–12 community and an AdvancED-accredited company
  • Multiple curriculum options to meet the needs of diverse learners
  • A diverse high school catalog offering more than 90 courses, including up to three levels of courses in Math, English, Science, and History
  • An Individualized Learning Plan for each student that charts a course for success during and after high school
  • The "xTeam" of teachers, advisors, counselors, coordinators, and other educational personnel, offering personalized, extensive support to students and families
  • Extracurricular clubs and activities
  • In-person, teacher-led, school-sponsored events where students can network with their peers