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EmbarK¹² Comprehensive
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in your child's learning
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EmbarK¹² Online
For your child's
independent exploration
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EmbarK¹² for Preschool Learners

You want to give your child the best possible academic start in life. EmbarK¹² for preschool learners prepares children ages 3–5 for kindergarten and offers that strong academic foundation they'll need for future years. Created by K¹², the nation's leader in K–12 online education, EmbarK¹²:

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  • Offers 800+ fun, safe, and easy-to-use activities
  • Includes core subjects: math, language arts, science, social studies, art, and music
  • Promotes mathematical reasoning, basic literacy, and scientific observation
  • Is based on the latest early learning research and is aligned with Common Core
  • Boosts early learning skills and sparks excitement in eager, young minds

The program is available in two great options: EmbarK¹² Comprehensive and EmbarK¹² Online.

EmbarK¹² Comprehensive

Fully Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

"My son loves all the one-on-one attention, and I like that I can individualize his learning. Everything is spelled out for you, and I never would have been able to put the lessons together myself. I definitely recommend it."

Kristal B.

EmbarK¹² Comprehensive, our robust, kindergarten-readiness program allows you to be actively involved in preparing your child for kindergarten. The program's fun preschool curriculum:

  • Features collaborative learning between you and your child
  • Includes more than 1,200 online and hands-on activities, flash cards, manipulatives, and classic children’s literature
  • Helps kids master mathematical reasoning, basic literacy, scientific observation, and investigative skills
EmbarK¹² Comprehensive—Starting at $118

The basic purchase at just $118 includes:

  • A year-long subscription to hundreds of online preschool games and activities
  • Course-aligned flashcards
  • Course-aligned student workbook
  • Access to online activity guides with teaching instructions
Additional Materials

Also required are two additional kits with hands-on materials integrated with the curriculum. These kits are available for purchase from K¹², or individual components can be purchased independently.

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Note: Want to use Embark in a preschool or classroom? School districts, center directors and teachers should visit the Fuel Education website to explore classroom options for EmbarK12.

EmbarK¹² Online

Independent Preschool Learning that's Fun, Safe, and Engaging

"My son is a very active 4-year-old. EmbarK¹² is the first education program that’s engaging and fun for him and maintains his interest."

Michelle L.

Designed to be highly engaging for young children, EmbarK¹² Online is fun and easy for your child to use independently. The program:

  • Uses narration, animation, video, music and songs to appeal to young minds
  • Includes a safe, password-protected virtual environment
  • Offers more than 800 exciting, interactive, online preschool games and activities for kids to practice critical early learning skills
EmbarK¹² Online—Only $59 for Unlimited Year-Long Use

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Buy EmbarK¹² Online

Which EmbarK¹² program is right for you?

EmbarK¹² Comprehensive
EmbarK¹² Online

Who is This For?

For parents who want close involvement in their child's learning For a child to explore and learn independently
Use of Program Primary or supplemental preschool program Supplemental preschool review and practice
Learning Experiences

450+ online activities

750+ hands-on activities plus materials

830+ online activities

No hands-on activities or materials

Parent Engagement Collaborative, intensive learning between you and your child Self-guided, independent learning for your child
Price Starting at $118/year plus additional materials $59/year

Sample Activities

EmbarK¹²'s preschool games and activities are based on key early learning standards and research. Covering all core subjects, the activities offer academic integrity and they're tons of fun to play.


Click to view Elephant Song
Art and Music:
Elephant Song



In its first year, EmbarK¹² was honored with multiple awards by education and ed tech organizations.

Cool Tool Award 2013 Finalist edtech digest
Ed Tech Digest
Cool Tool Award Finalist

Parents' Choice Approved
Parents' Choice Approved
Award Winner


2013 Finalist AEP Golden Lamp
Association of Educational Publishers
Golden Lamp Award Finalist

AEP Award 2013 Finalist
Association of Educational Publishers
Distinguished Achievement Award
Winner for Whole Curriculum