How Curriculum is Developed

A Team of Education Experts

"I try to make history come alive. It’s so rewarding to hear a child say, 'Awesome!'"

—Amelia Jackson-Zaremba
K12 Senior Instructional Designer

Master teachers, cognitive scientists, subject-matter experts, technologists, interactive designers, writers, and researchers—who share a deep expertise in their areas of focus and a passion for shaping young minds the right way—develop the K12 curriculum.

  • Curriculum specialists and lesson developers plan each lesson and make sure the material is tailored for the age and skills of the student.
  • Instructional designers build the activities, working with visual designers and media specialists to choose the best way to present concepts and information.
  • Writers and editors make sure the content is accurate, engaging, and appropriate.
  • Information architects analyze how people will use the online content.
  • Software developers design and build the systems that make the curriculum and the Online School run efficiently and effectively.
  • Quality-assurance specialists make sure everything works properly.

Experience the curriculum through a sample lesson.

Watch these videos to see for yourself!

Mother and Daughter Studying Together

How K12 Language Arts Blue was Developed


Person Using a Phone App

How K12 Science Curriculum is Developed


Graphic of Girl with "Keep on going!" text

How K12 Remedial Reading Curriculum is Developed


Old TV with John F. Kennedy Giving Speach

How K12 History Curriculum is Developed