Whether you're enrolling full time in a free public school or a private school, or purchasing individual courses, our course offerings meet your student's individual needs.

K-8 Courses

Throughout our online K through 8 course offerings you will find certain recurring themes that build on the previous grades' teaching and weave an ever-richer tapestry of knowledge.

High School Courses

With nearly 200 online high school courses from which to choose, we offer multiple levels of core subjects, up to four years of a World Language, and a variety of electives including anthropology, Web design and digital photography.

Summer Courses

We offer online courses that meet or exceed state and national standards and are adapted for a condensed 4- or 8-week summer session.

Textbooks and K12 PhonicsWorks™

At K12, we're not easily satisfied. So we have created magnificent history texts and an early reading-readiness program that are considered among the outstanding works in their fields.