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What are the student's responsibilities?

Student responsibilities include but are not limited to: participating in scheduled group discussions, submitting work on or before due dates, communicating with the teacher via e-mail and the Message Center and discussing potential schedule conflicts or issues with the teacher as they arise.

What role do teachers play in a K12 high school education?

The teacher provides guidance and feedback, facilitates online course discussions, and evaluates and grades student work. These teachers are subject-matter experts who are certified in their areas of expertise, and they are responsible for reviewing all student work and providing instructional feedback. Teachers grade students' assignments and review assessments; respond to student questions via e-mail or phone; conduct online full-class discussions, as well as tutorial sessions to reinforce difficult topics; and offer online "office hours" to allow students to "drop in" with questions.

What role do parents play in a K12 high school education?

Parents are set up as mentors who engage in the student's activities and with the teacher. Mentors greatly influence student success by working with the student and teacher to keep students on schedule and help flag and resolve issues.

Do K12 high school courses support a flexible student schedule?

There are start and end dates for each semester and specific due dates for all assignments. Students are also required to take part in graded discussions surrounding each unit. Students have flexible study schedules. However, class assignments must be completed by the due date, since this best assures strong student outcomes. If a student must finish earlier than the scheduled course end date, they can speak with their assigned teacher prior to the start of the course to discuss an accelerated schedule.

Will I receive records of course completion or a transcript?

Students and mentors have 24/7 access to student progress reports which can be easily downloaded as Excel files. Semester reports are also available for download. In addition, mentors have access to a read-only version of the teacher's Grade Book; the final grade is not visible until course completion and final grades are posted. Transcripts can be requested through your teacher or school administration.

How do I purchase courses or enroll my child?

To purchase courses, visit our the K12 Online Store. To see what enrollment options are available in your state, go to our Find a School section.

Do K12 online high school students receive a diploma?

All students graduating from a K12 online public or private high school receive a state-issued diploma that is recognized by colleges and universities worldwide.

Can my child go on to college after graduating from a K12 online school?

Yes, absolutely, if that is what he or she wishes to do. K12 students have gone on to attend such post-secondary institutions as Princeton, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, Juilliard, the U.S. Air Force Academy, and many more. We also offer courses and workshops for students who are interested in getting started on a career straight out of high school.