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Constitution Day Lessons

Constitution Day K-1 Grades K–1
September 17, 1787, is the birthday of our Constitution. Students will learn what a constitution is and why we have one, and will be introduced to James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution."

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constitution2_3 Grades 2–3
In this lesson students will review the purpose of a constitution and read a story about James Madison and the Constitutional Convention. Online games help kids remember what they've learned.

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Constitution4_5 Grades 4–5
This lesson lets students review their knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and the role of government, and helps them understand James Madison's role in framing the Constitution. The lesson also introduces students to the Bill of Rights and the three branches of government.

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constitution6_7 Grades 6–7
After reading about the problems the new United States faced and why leaders decided to hold a convention in Philadelphia, students will learn about the political ideas the Framers used in writing the Constitution. They can also make a virtual visit to James Madison's Montpelier.

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constitution8_9 Grades 8–9
Students will begin this lesson by reviewing the events that led to the founding of the nation and the writing of the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787. They can then go on an online scavenger hunt through the Constitution.

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constitution10_12 Grades 10–12
This lesson begins with a review of the meaning of Constitution Day. Students visit the National Constitution Center website for an annotated online version of the Constitution, guides to the founding documents of the United States, and more. They can also listen to and analyze the Preamble to the Constitution.

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