Web Accessibility Resolution Procedure

This procedure is solely for difficulties in access that are related to a disability. Using the form below for other purposes may cause a delay in providing assistance to you. For general web, course or log-in problems that are not related to access issues due to a disability, contact K12 Customer Support in the Helpful Links at the bottom of www.k12.com or at 866.512.2273.  

K12 Inc. is committed to providing an online educational experience that is accessible to persons with disabilities. While no technical standard has yet been adopted that is recognized to satisfy the non-discrimination requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1973 ("ADA"), or of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, K12 strives to conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines  2.0 Level AA  ("Guidelines") of the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Should you encounter difficulty, related to a disability, in accessing a school website managed by K12, our online  curriculum, or our Internet-based enrollment services (collectively, "K12 Website"), we want to help in resolving your issue.  Accordingly, we have adopted this Resolution Procedure with a step-by-step approach to addressing specific grievances, which inevitability will vary by the type of disability and the technology available to address your issue.   While members of the public in general may experience web accessibility problems, priority is given to issues encountered by students, their parents/guardians and their learning coaches and by persons interested in enrolling in a school managed by K12. Assistance for web related problems not related to a disability can be obtained by using the Get Customer Support link within the Helpful Links at the bottom of the www.k12.com web site or by contacting K12 Customer Support at 866.512.2273.

A form by which accessibility issues can be reported to K12 will be maintained on www.k12.com and www.getfueled.com and on websites that K12 manages for schools. Information submitted in the form will be directed to K12’s Accessibility Manager. The Accessibility Manager will acknowledge receipt of the form within two business days’ receipt of the information.

The Accessibility Manager will investigate the complaint to determine the nature of the problem. Once that assessment is completed, the Accessibility Manager, will develop a written remediation plan and will do so in consultation with one or more third parties if necessary. While most web accessibility issues have a solution, there are some web accessibility problems for which there may not yet be  a feasible technological solution or assistive alternatives. For example, a text version for a complex image, graph or chart that contains pertinent information for a person who is visually impaired.  If that is the case with an issue that is reported, the Accessibility Manager will provide you with a written explanation. Also, in the event that the Guidelines are insufficient to address a particular disability or impose an undue burden due to the nature of the content, K12 will offer content in a suitable alternative format (e.g., electronic text file or audio description) or manner where necessary.

Within ten business days after you report the issue, the Accessibility Coordinator will respond with a proposed solution. The Accessibility Manager will monitor the progress of the remediation to ensure resolution by the projected completion date. If there is likely to be slippage of more than seven days in projected completion,  efforts will be made to put the project back on its original path to completion.

This form is only for those with concerns related to web access problems that are related to a disability. Using the form for other purposes may cause a delay in providing assistance to you. For General Customer Support please contact 866-512-2273. We regret that you may be having trouble accessing content offered by K12. We will do our best to address your concern promptly.

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