Who We Are

Our School at a Glance

California Peak Preparatory Academy (CAPPA) uses K12 and FuelEd curriculum to offer students in all California students in grades K–12 up to age 24 an exceptional learning experience. With personalized learning approaches, California Peak Preparatory Academy, a program of California Prep, provides the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Here's why families have chosen California Peak Preparatory for their kids:

  • CAPPA offers a personalized learning experience for each student providing outstanding curriculum and school resources.
  • CAPPA provides vendor funds (up to $800), to be used for purchase of a computer or for supplemental enrichment and academic services from an approved vendor list.
  • CAPPA’s academic team partners with students and parents to determine which additional services and programs, beyond the core curriculum and school services, would enrich and further develop each student’s complete education.
  • CAPPA provides a rigorous, technology focused, tuition-free public education through online curriculum content and classes available all day, every day. Accelerated pacing toward completion of a high school diploma is also possible.
  • CAPPA provides greater scheduling flexibility with live and self-directed instruction.
  • Students are paired with a comprehensive level of support from mentors, counselors, and teachers.
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  • CAPPA offers students an active school community with options to participate in online clubs and events, in-person field trips, and school and organization-wide events and competitions. 
  • CAPPA provides advanced learner options through its honors, AP®, and NCAA programs as well as dual enrollment with community colleges and participating colleges and universities.