Online Schools & Programs

K-8 and High School Programs

Whether you choose K12's virtual public schooling or one of our online private school options, they share certain fundamentals in common. Be sure to review our K-8 Program and/or High School Program to find out how they are structured, what's expected, and the unique features of each learning environment. Find out why the whole K12 experience is greater than the sum of the parts.

Online Public Schools

In partnership with the finest public e-schools and teachers in the country, K12 has become the leading online learning provider serving K–12 online schools. Most of the online schools using the K12 program are the top-performing e-schools in their state. And a recent study conducted by the state of Ohio showed that students using the K12 program accelerate faster than over 95% of students in traditional Ohio public schools.

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Online Private Schools (Worldwide!)

Our online private school offerings include K12 International Academy for grades K–12, The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) for grades 6–12, and The Keystone School for grades 6–12, as well as many supplemental learning opportunities. All of these schools are available wherever an Internet connection exists.

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Comparison of Full-Time Options

  Where? Grades Served Tuition Free? Teacher Support?
Online Public Schools Over half the states in the U.S. Varies by state Yes Yes
K12 International Academy Worldwide! K–12 No Yes
The George Washington University Online High School Worldwide! 6–12
focus on preparation for selective colleges
No Yes
The Keystone School Worldwide! 6–12 No Yes

K12 also offers direct purchase of courses with or without teacher support for enrichment and homeschooling.

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