You Can Thrive

Uplift Oregon, a program of the Alsea School District, ignites the minds of young adults ages 14–24 who want to complete their high school education and train for further education or the workforce. Together, we are helping students statewide earn their diplomas while gaining valuable career and skills training. 

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Why Uplift Oregon Program?

  • Uplift Oregon provides a rich, rigorous, technology-focused, tuition-free public education, with accelerated pacing toward completion of a high school diploma using online curriculum content and class resources—available all day, every day.
  • Uplift Oregon enables a personalized learning experience, tailored for each student, enriched with a diverse range of advanced career course certifications in technology, health sciences, manufacturing, and business management fields.
  • Uplift Oregon ensures students are focused on graduation with 100% transfer of existing high school credits, pending review by the school's academic team.
  • Students are provided flexible course placement, have access to live and self-directed instruction, and are paired with a mentor, in addition to receiving counselor and teacher support.
  • Uplift Oregon enrolls all eligible students regardless of past difficulties or circumstances, working with families and students to sustain student achievement. Students who have not completed high school, including those previously suspended or expelled, are welcome.
  • Uplift Oregon students have the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge programs, featuring career and skills training in business management, health science, information technology, and manufacturing.
  • Uplift Oregon sponsors focused field trips, school-wide events, and academic and career focused seminars.
  • Uplift Oregon provides advanced learner options through its honors and AP® programs, and dual enrollment with community colleges and participating universities.
  • Uplift Oregon supports students with one-to-one support and mentoring, and Oregon licensed teachers vested in student success.

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