History 1

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Scope & Sequence : Scope & Sequence documents describe what is covered in a course (the scope) and also the order in which topics are covered (the sequence). These documents list instructional objectives and skills to be mastered. K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

Course Overview

This course kicks off a program that, spanning the elementary grades, provides an overview of world geography and history from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Through lively stories and activities, students will:

  • Meet nomadic children in ancient Mesopotamia who settle in the Fertile Crescent
  • Explore the great pyramids in ancient Egypt, and meet mighty pharaohs such as King Tut
  • Learn about the historical origins of Judaism through stories of Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David
  • Learn about the origins of democracy in ancient Greece, as well as the first Olympic games, the Trojan War, Alexander the Great, and the marvelous myths of the ancient Greeks
  • Visit ancient India and hear stories of the historical origins of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Travel down great rivers in ancient China, hear the wisdom of Confucius, and witness the building of the Great Wall
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Course Outline

Getting Around This Great Big World

  • Reinforce basic geographic awareness using simple maps and globes
  • Learn about the work of historians and archaeologists

Early Civilizations

  • Understand how nomadic people settled down and started villages and cities
  • Recognize achievements of early kingdoms in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt

The Rise of Ancient Empires

  • Become familiar with the historical origins of Judaism
  • Learn more about civilization in Mesopotamia

Ancient Kingdoms Rise and Fall

  • Become familiar with the rise and fall of Mesopotamian, Israeli, and Egyptian empires

Ancient Greece Part I: The Land and the Myths

  • Become familiar with the geography, people, and myths of ancient Greece

Ancient Greece, Part II:From Athens to Alexander

  • Recognize the significance of democracy
  • Recognize the contrast between Greek and Spartan cultures
  • Follow the life and campaigns of Alexander the Great

Ancient India

  • Learn about the geography and history of ancient India
  • Become familiar with the historical origins of Hinduism and Buddhism

Ancient China

  • Learn about the geography of China
  • Study early leaders in Chinese history
  • Learn about the discoveries of silk and paper, the building of the Great Wall, and the development of Chinese writing
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Number of Lessons and Scheduling

60 minutes

You might choose to split the lessons into smaller segments and take a break between investigations. The K12 online lesson tracking system allows you to pick up wherever you left off in any given lesson.

Total Lessons: 72

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K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

  • Course Overview (as seen above)
  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Time and Scheduling