TCH050: Digital Video Production

This list is representative of the materials provided or used in this course. Keep in mind that the actual materials used may vary, depending on the school in which you are enrolled, and whether you are taking the course as Independent Study.

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Scope & Sequence : Scope & Sequence documents describe what is covered in a course (the scope) and also the order in which topics are covered (the sequence). These documents list instructional objectives and skills to be mastered. K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

Course Overview

This course introduces students to all aspects of digital video, from story-boarding scenes and creating shot lists to editing a finished, professional-quality product. Throughout this project-based course, students demonstrate mastery of the key learning objectives by recording, capturing, and editing their own videos. This is a hands-on course that provides a solid foundation for further study in this exciting field, and progresses from the importing of raw footage through editing basics to transitions, text use, and special effects.

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Course Length

One Semester

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Course Outline

Unit 1: Developing Your Visual Vocabulary

Students learn the three stages of movie-making: pre-production, production, and post-production, and they brainstorm their first movie topic. They practice camera techniques—angles, movements, and framing shots—while scouting locations.

  • Creating Your First Movie
  • Creating a Visual Vocabulary

Unit 2: Planning and Filming Your First Movie

Students write the movie treatment and script, draw the storyboards, and create the production schedule. They practice more camera techniques, film the movie scenes, film establishing shots and close-ups, and gather audio and image files.

  • First Movie Pre-Production
  • Assignment: First Movie Pre-Production Documents
  • Filming Your First Movie

Unit 3: The Editing Process

Students import video into a project. They use the storyboard and the timeline to edit their movie. They add and arrange clips, and add video FX, transitions, text screens, and audio files.

  • Importing Video
  • Editing Your Movie
  • Using Video FX
  • Adding Sound FX
  • Assignment: Editing Movie–Final

Unit 4: Planning for Your Second Movie

Students reflect on their first movie and brainstorm topics for the second movie. They learn about the elements of film and movie genres. They begin planning their second movie and scout locations.

  • Assignment: Reflections on My First Movie
  • Defining Film Elements and Genres
  • Planning Your Second Movie

Unit 5: Pre-producing Your Second Movie

Students write the treatment and script and create the storyboards for their second movie. They create a shot list and production schedule.

  • Writing Your Second Movie
  • Filming Your Second Movie
  • Assignment: Pre-Production Documents for Second Movie

Unit 6: Producing Your Second Movie

Students learn more advanced camera techniques, learning to create illusions and to compose and frame shots. They film and edit their second movie and create title and credit screens.

  • Using More Advanced Camera Techniques
  • Filming Your Second Movie
  • Editing Your Second Movie
  • Assignment: Edited Second Movie–Final
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Lesson Scheduling

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K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

  • Course Overview (as seen above)
  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Time and Scheduling