HST212: Geography and World Cultures (Core)

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Scope & Sequence : Scope & Sequence documents describe what is covered in a course (the scope) and also the order in which topics are covered (the sequence). These documents list instructional objectives and skills to be mastered. K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the countless ways in which geography influences human relationships, politics, society, economics, science, technology, and the arts. Special emphasis is placed on the way geographically derived information is expressed in maps, charts, and graphs in order to teach students how to analyze such documents carefully—and how to create them.

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Course Length

One Semester

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HST102: World History is recommended, but not required.

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Course Outline

Unit 1: Introduction to Geography

  • Writing about the World
  • Spatial Thinking
  • The Map Case
  • Five Themes

Unit 2: Physical Elements

  • The Rock Beneath
  • Water Flows
  • Wind and Weather
  • The Fire of Life

Unit 3: Culture

  • Demographics
  • Politics
  • Economics
  • Daily Life

Unit 4: North and South America

  • The New World
  • North America
  • Central and South America
  • Ocean-Centered Geography

Unit 5: Europe and Southwest Asia

  • The West End of Asia
  • Europe
  • Central and Southwest Asia
  • Energy

Unit 6: East Asia and South Asia

  • Ancient Civilizations
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Urbanization

Unit 7: Africa, Antarctica, and Oceania

  • Palm Trees and Penguins
  • Africa
  • Oceania
  • Diversity

Unit 8: Geography and World Cultures Review and Exam

  • Review
  • Exam
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Lesson Scheduling

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K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

  • Course Overview (as seen above)
  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Time and Scheduling