Who We Are

Our School at a Glance

As a program of Southern Laboratory School District, the Southern University Laboratory Virtual School (SULS) uses Stride K12 curriculum to offer Louisiana students in grades K-12 an exceptional learning experience. With individualized learning approaches, our virtual school provides the tools kids need to succeed—in school and beyond.

Here's why families have chosen Southern University Laboratory Virtual School for their kids:

  • Southern University Laboratory Virtual School is a selective enrollment public school with required enrollment criteria. Acceptance into the program is not guaranteed.
  • Juniors and Seniors that are enrolled in the Southern University Laboratory Virtual School will have the opportunity to participate in The Early Start Program at Southern University's Baton Rouge Campus. This program allows high school students (juniors and seniors) to enroll in college courses (on-site or virtually) for credit prior to high school graduation. College credit earned through Early Start can be simultaneously applied toward high school and college graduation and can be transferred to other colleges or universities. More information for eligibility and qualifications can be inquired about through Southern University Laboratory Virtual School.
  • Graduating students are issued a diploma from Southern University Laboratory School, an enduring standard of excellence in Louisiana public school education since 1922. Students receive their diplomas in-person, alongside the graduating class of our partner college, Southern University, in Baton Rouge.
  • We value the strong academic reputation of Southern University and are proud to be a part of its community.
  • Students that enroll in Southern University Laboratory Virtual School must complete the Louisiana TOPS University Curriculum. This prepares students for entrance to a four-year Louisiana state university or for a career path.
  • Exceptional, individualized Stride K12 curricula, which cover core subject areas and beyond. Based on decades of education research, these curricula package high-quality lessons with mastery-based assessments that ensure success at every level.
  • Students and parents can access instruction 24 hours a day, seven days a week from virtually any place an internet connection is available. Question on a lesson? Both parents and students have access to teachers through email and web-conferencing.
  • Parents play a critical role as learning coaches, working with teachers to support student success and achievement. Together, teachers and parents design practice opportunities and tutorial sessions that support student learning and foster positive outcomes.