Your Child Can Thrive.

You know that your kids have something special inside them. We know it, too. As a K12 partner school, California TEK ignites the minds of children like yours to bring learning and innate possibility alive. Together, we are helping area students in grades TK–12 reach their true, personal potential.

Why California TEK?

  • Cal TEK provides a rich, rigor filled, technology focused, tuition-free public education available 24-7.
  • Cal TEK enables a personalized learning experience, tailor made for each student. This experience is enriched with a diverse range of TEC focused clubs, student organizations and extra-curricular activities.
  • Cal TEK ensures freedom and flexibility in online learning, live and self-directed instruction, paired with a rich level of mentor, counselor and teacher support.
  • Cal TEK’s TEK TUTORIAL provides a 1:1 ground breaking student TEC Tutorial with leaders in the technology sector, with a focus on areas that include game design, programming, robotics, engineering, forensics, criminology, design & visual arts, and computer science.
  • Cal TEK values parents’ central role as learning coaches, working with teachers to sustain student achievement.
  • Cal TEK students have the opportunity to participate in cutting edge programs, featuring its groundbreaking gaming portal where students learn by gaming and programming in all subject areas.
  • Tech focused field trips and seminars to events that include JPL, Griffith Observatory, NASA space camp, and participate in field trips and enrichment activities, Apple field trips and numerous summer internships at affiliated corporate partners for summer internships.
  • Cal TEK provides advanced leader options through its Honors and AP programs and employs highly qualified teachers in an Advanced Ed accredited school providing personalized instruction with 1:1 TEC tutorial and targeted mentor support in areas of need to ensure student goals are met.


Upcoming Online Information Sessions

Join us for an online webinar where you can learn more about our school, services, activities, support and meet our Orientation Specialists. These events are free and open to all families interested in learning more about what makes us special. This forum is also a great place to ask your questions!

Information sessions are offered Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:00 pm PST.

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