Supplemental Education

Welcome to the 21st-century approach to meeting diverse student needs.

Due to limited resources, it is challenging for schools to expand the number of course options for students. K12 online courses provide a high quality, cost-effective option for schools and families looking to supplement their students' traditional education.

How We Can Help

We offer over 150 courses in grades K through 12, all of which are available individually for direct purchase. In addition, all K–8 courses are available for independent study.

For high school students:

  • Achieve a competitive advantage for college applications with our AP/Honors courses.
  • Try a new language or take languages courses not available at your local school (e.g. Chinese) with our broad selection of World Language courses, designed just for students.
  • Retake courses in order to catch up with peers, build self-esteem, and – in high school – graduate on time.
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts in daily school schedule.
  • Get a jump start on career planning with one or more of our compelling electives (see below) including technology and computer science courses.

For K–8 students:

High School Electives and Additional Courses

Fine Art
Music Appreciation
Business Communication and Career Exploration*
Business and Personal Relationships*
Personal Finance*
Introduction to Entrepreneurship*
Environmental Science
Life Science: Oceanography*
Skills for Health*
Physical Education*
Career Planning*
Study Skills and Learning Strategies*

Technology and Computer Science
Computer Literacy I*
Computer Literacy II*
Digital Photography and Graphics*
Web Design*
Digital Video Production*
C++ Programming*
Game Design I*
Game Design II*
Online Game Design*
Flash Animation*
3D Art I–Modeling*
3D Art II–Animation*
Computer-Aided Design* (CAD)

* One-semester course

Get more information about enrolling or ordering any of these exciting course options that can open new doors to learning and careers.

The Keystone School is another option for families looking to supplement their children's education. Students in grades 6–12 can enroll anytime in Keystone. They study independently on their own schedule with access to licensed teachers who provide feedback and grade assignments. Learn more about The Keystone School.