Athletes and Performers

Achievement outside school shouldn't mean compromising your school studies.

With K12, it doesn't have to. More and more student athletes and performers, and their families, are discovering the many advantages of a flexible, high-caliber K12 education that lets them balance their academics with the pursuit of their talents.

K12 Students Ace Their Academics

From popular TV shows and Academy Award-winning movies, to Olympic level competitors and junior golf professionals, K12 students shine outside the classroom in their chosen vocation.

  • K12 courses travel with them during practices, rehearsals, and competitions—in fact, anywhere an Internet connection can be found.
  • A dedicated and qualified teacher assists each student using phone and Internet tools wherever they may be, so there is no need for tutors or a patchwork of schooling solutions.
  • Built in planning and progress tools allow parents to build customized learning schedules structured around their child's unique needs.

Do You Have Your Own Dedicated Athlete or Performer?

Then a K12 education could be just the ticket. Our patented, award-winning curriculum for virtual schooling combines dynamic, online lessons with a rich array of offline materials, books, and resources to make learning come alive.

  • K12 is the nation's leading online learning provider for grades K through 12.
  • The K12 program is available tuition-free in many states and in D.C.
  • It is also available both full- and part-time through the private, accredited K12 International Academy, or by direct purchase of individual or bundled courses.
  • Our K–8 curriculum is mastery based, enabling students to progress at their own pace.
  • High school students can choose from more than 105 teacher-guided courses—including honors and AP, as well as electives.
  • We offer multiple levels of world language courses in up to five languages for grades 3 through 12.
  • Our courses meet or exceed state standards, and K12 International Academy students graduate with a prestigious US diploma.

For an example of how the family of a talented student enjoys learning and living with K12, be sure to check out this video about the Snow family.