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Kudos and Honors

We are proud and grateful for the recognition we receive.

We know that our curriculum and learning programs are working for thousands of students, helping them unleash their true potential. But don't just take our word for it!


Creative Child Magazine Awards, 2014

AEP Golden Lamp 2013 FinalistMedia of the Year Award 2014Preferred Choice Award 2014

Creative Child Magazine award nominees are reviewed and evaluated by groups of parents, educators, and professionals. Only one product per category is selected as a winner, but finalists receive a prestigious Preferred Choice award. These products exceed expectations based on unique criteria to recognize products focused on education and creativity in children.

  • Choc It Up
    Educational Game Apps
  • EmbarK Online
    Educational Programs for Pre-Kindergarten 
  • Noodleverse
    Educational Programs 
  • Timed Reading and Comprehension Practice
    Educational Apps
Parents' Choice Approved

ComputED Gazette EDDIE AWARDS, 2014

The Annual Education Software Review Awards from The ComputED Gazette recognize innovative and content-rich programs and websites that augment curricula and provide parents and teachers with great technology to promote educational excellence. Winners are selected from products submitted by publishers worldwide. The winner’s circle this year includes:

  • EmbarK12 Comprehensive (Early Elementary, multi-subject website)
  • Algebra l (High School, Algebra website)

Mom's Choice Awards, 2014

Mom's Choice Awards - Honoring Excellence

MCA® awards are recognized worldwide as a benchmark of excellence for family-friendly media, products and services. Parents, educators, and members of the media look for the MCA Honoring Excellence Seal of Approval when choosing products for children and families.

These products received the MCA Silver Award for Online Resources for Children this year:

  • K¹² Choc It Up (mobile app)
  • EmbarK¹² Online (interactive website)
  • K¹² Noodleverse (interactive website)


Association of American Publishers REVERE Awards, 2014

2014 Revere Awards - Distinguished Achievement Award FinalistIn 2014, K¹² was honored by the Association of American Publishers REVERE Awards, the most prestigious and comprehensive recognition program in the learning resource community. Winning a REVERE Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) is a sign of excellence in the education industry. Formerly known as AEP Awards, this recognition continues a decades-long tradition of honoring excellence across all resources for preK-12 and adult learners, educators, and administrators. This year’s Distinguished Achievement Award Finalists included:

  • Algebra 1 for whole curriculum, mathematics
  • Forensic Science for whole curriculum, science, health and the environment


Parents' Choice Awards, 2014

Parents' Choice ApprovedParents' Choice Recommended

Since 1978, the Parents' Choice Foundation has served as the nation's most respected nonprofit consumer guide for quality children's media. Parents' Choice Awards honor the best material created for children; less than 20% of product submissions receive recognition.

  • EmbarK¹² Online was honored to be chosen as a Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner as an educational website.
  • Noodleverse was honored to be chosen as a Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner as an educational website. 
  • K¹² Timed Reading and Comprehension Practice was honored to be chosen as a Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner as a mobile app.

EdTech Digest Cool Tool Awards, 2014

Cool Tool Award 2014 Finalist EdTech Digest

EdTech Digest Awards shine the spotlight on the best and brightest tools, leaders, and trendsetters who are transforming today's education revolution for the benefit of future generations. Cool Tool Awards recognize new, emerging, and established technology solutions for education.

  • K¹² Forensic Science was honored to be selected as a Cool Tool Award Finalist for STEM Solutions.
  • K¹² Algebra I was selected as a Cool Tool Award Finalist for eLearning in Math.
  • K¹² Choc It Up was selected as a Cool Tool Award Finalist for Mobile App Solutions (elementary).

CODiE Awards, 2014

2014 SIIA CODiE Finalist

Awarded by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), the CODiE Awards are the only peer-recognized program in the content, education, and software industries.  Each CODiE Award win serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision, and overall industry impact.

  • EmbarK¹² was honored with recognition as a CODiE award finalist for Best Cross-Curricular Solution.

EdTech Digest Awards, 2013

Cool Tool Award 2013 Finalist EdTech Digest

The EdTech Digest Awards reward the best and brightest minds who are transforming education and technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. The Cool Tool Award recognizes new, emerging, and established technology solutions for education.

  • EmbarK¹² Comprehensive was selected as a Cool Tool Award Finalist as a website for eLearning Solutions.

Parents' Choice Awards, 2013

Parents' Choice Approved

Established in 1978, the Parents' Choice Foundation is the nation's oldest nonprofit consumer guide to quality children’s media. Parents’ Choice Award winners are a member of a select group; fewer than 20% of the products submitted receive any level of commendation.

  • EmbarK¹² Comprehensive was honored to be chosen as a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner in the category for websites.

Association of Education Publishers Awards, 2013

AEP Golden Lamp 2013 FinalistAEP DAA Winner 2013AEP DAA Finalist 2013

In 2013, K¹² was once again honored by the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), which honors excellence and supports the development of professional, quality content for education. Winning an AEP Golden Lamp or Distinguished Achievement Award (DAA) is a sign of excellence recognized throughout the education industry. For nearly fifty years, the AEP's Golden Lamp Awards have been one of the education community's most prestigious traditions. Competition is intense, giving the winners the right to call themselves "the best of the best."

  • EmbarK¹² Comprehensive was honored to be named one of four finalists for the AEP’s Golden Lamp Award.
  • EmbarK¹² Comprehensive was also honored to be a Distinguished Achievement Award winner for Whole Curriculum in the Integrated Curriculum Program category.
  • K¹² Language Arts Orange, a comprehensive program for grade two that provides an interrelated sequence of lessons for students to continue building their proficiency in literature and comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, spelling, and handwriting, was honored as a DAA winner.
  • K¹² Probability and Statistics, a dynamic one-semester virtual mathematics course that integrates digital tools with core content in exciting ways, was honored as a DAA finalist.

eSchool News Readers' Choice Awards 2012–2013

eSchool News Readers' Choice Awards

eSchool News announces its “Readers’ Choice Awards” each year in a special editorial supplement that highlights the educational technology products and services that have had the greatest impact in schools, as nominated by readers. The reports include comments from readers about why each product or service deserved the award.

  • powerspeaK¹² world language programs, now part of Middlebury Interactive Languages™, a joint venture between K¹² and Middlebury College, was selected to be included in the eSchool News 2012–13 Readers' Choice Awards.



The Software Information Industry Association, CODiE™ Awards

The CODiE™ Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries, and honored K¹² with the following awards:

  • 2012 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Instructional Solution: Middlebury Interactive Languages
    (a joint venture between K¹² and Middlebury College)
  • 2011 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Mathematics Instructional Solution: Math+
  • 2011 Finalist CODiE Award: Best Public Virtual School Solution for Students

Association of Education Publishers (AEP) Awards, 2012

In 2012, K¹² was once again honored by the AEP Distinguished Achievement Awards which recognize the finest achievements in educational products each year.

AEP Awards are one of the largest and longest-running award programs for educational products. AEP Award recipients are known for their high-quality education content.

  • 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award Winner:
    Fundamentals of Geometry and Algebra (6th Grade Math)
  • 2012 Distinguished Achievement Award Finalist:
    Elementary School Language Arts (Kindergarten)

Since 2006, K¹² has won many Awards from the AEP.  Please scroll down for more details.


District Administration's Readers' Choice Award, 2011

The annual Readers' Choice award program recognizes leaders in education based on nominations from K–12 district-level administrators, superintendents, and senior school district leaders.

Editors of District Administration magazine selected K¹² online education curriculum as a 2011 award winner in its annual Top 100 Products competition.

Read the Press Release.


Association of Education Publishers (AEP) Awards, 2011

AEP Awards are recognized as one of the largest and longest-running award programs for educational products. The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes the year's top educational products in four categories: Curriculum, Periodicals, Professional Development, and Technology. Recognized as the gold standard for educational products, the Golden Lamp Award is presented to only one recipient per year for curriculum quality.

  • 2011 Finalist Golden Lamp Award: Math+ Program
  • 2011 Finalist Distinguished Achievement Award: Science: Environmental Science course
  • 2011 Finalist Distinguished Achievement Award: Science: Virtual Labs/Biology
  • 2011 Finalist Distinguished Achievement Award: Technology: Timed Reading Practice

U.S. Distance Learning Association Awards, 2010

The prestigious United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) has presented K¹² with multiple awards for excellence in the field of distance learning. The USDLA's International Awards are presented annually to honor those who have achieved extraordinary results in distance learning programs.

K¹² won three major awards:

  • 21st Century Best Practices Award for our high quality, nationally-recognized online school programs for students in kindergarten through high school. The award recognizes pioneering organizations that have changed distance learning and challenged existing practice by developing new and innovative solutions.
  • Outstanding Leadership by an Individual in the Field of Distance Learning Award was awarded to Ron Packard, founder and CEO of K¹². This award is given for demonstrated leadership and innovation in a nationally recognized distance learning program.
  • Best Practices in Distance Learning Programming Award (bronze medal) was awarded to K¹²'s Honors Earth Science program for its outstanding design and engaging, interactive delivery.

"As a premier organization for the entire distance learning profession, we are honoring K¹² as a leader in the industry," said Dr. John G. Flores, CEO of USDLA. "K¹² has raised the bar of excellence."

"Congratulations to K¹² and Ron Packard," said Reggie Smith III, President of USDLA. "We are truly on the edge of something great and K¹² has clearly demonstrated and confirmed the transformative powers of distance learning globally."

"All of us at K¹² are proud that our high quality, innovative products and academic services are succeeding for tens of thousands of children in the U.S. and across the world," said Ron Packard. "Online learning is rapidly changing education and its positive impact is evident. Online schools create more parent choice in education, access to individualized learning programs for students, and new opportunities for teachers. K¹² is proud to be the national leader in such a dynamic and exciting field, and honored to be recognized by USDLA for our efforts."

To learn more about the United States Distance Learning Association:


AEP Distinguished Achievement Award

The Association of Educational Publishers (AEP) has once again honored K¹² with its 2009 Distinguished Achievement Award for our High School Algebra textbook. We have previously won coveted AEP recognition in History, Science, and Art.

For more than 100 years AEP has supported and promoted the education publishing industry. Their annual awards program honors the best materials and accomplishments in educational products. Judged by peers and experts, the awards provide an objective, authoritative evaluation of the applicant's work. The AEP awards are highly valued, precisely because they are a challenge to win. Any entry goes through two levels of rigorous screenings by experts in each field. A winning text must meet the highest standards in the following four criteria:

  • Quality of writing, e.g. appropriate for audience, clear, tight, lively, and consistent
  • Educational value
  • Originality/Creativity
  • Audience interest

While K¹² is well-known for the quality of our online learning curriculum, it is particularly gratifying to receive recognition for the quality of our offline materials as well. Quality that our students benefit from every day!

  • 2009 Winner: Algebra I: A Reference Guide and Problem Sets (Grades 9-12)
  • 2007 Winner: Earth Science: A Reference Guide (Grades 9-12)
  • 2006 Finalist:  The Human Odyssey (Middle School History)
  • 2006 Finalist: K¹² Grade 4 Art

BusinessWeek Names OHVA and PAVCS Top High Schools

Ohio Virtual Charter School (OHVA) and Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School (PAVCS) were named Parent's Choice winners as the best high schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively by BusinessWeek Magazine in conjunction with


ComputED's Education Software Review Awards, 2007

ComputED's annual Education Software Review Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that provide parents and teachers with the technology to foster education excellence, including augmenting classroom curriculum and improving teacher productivity. Winners are selected from titles submitted by software publishers around the world. Selection criteria include academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, and subject approach. K¹² is honored to have been recognized for its innovative program.


James P. Boyle Award

2007 Winner: Ron Packard, K¹² Chief Executive Officer

This year, the James P. Boyle Entrepreneurial Leadership Award was bestowed at the annual Education Industry Association (EIA) conference in Orlando. The award is given to individuals whose achievements in the for-profit education industry serve as guideposts for others starting and building entrepreneurial educational endeavors, and who exemplify the characteristics James P. Boyle represented, including courage and perseverance with an end to improving educational opportunities for children.


Awards for powerspeaK¹²

  • Awarded full accreditation by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, powerspeaK¹² is the only independent study world language school with the authority to grant credit to students who complete our K–12 world language courses.
  • powerspeaK¹² was named to the Inc. 500 list in 2001, receiving straight A's in the area of financial health.
  • powerspeaK¹² was named as one of the Utah 100 for fastest growing companies in the State of Utah in 2001.
  • powerspeaK¹² has received the coveted Practical Home Schooling Reader's Choice Award for five consecutive years.
  • Awarded by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum in 2001, powerspeaK¹² has been named as one of the Top 25 Companies in Utah Valley at under $5 million revenue.
  • The powerspeaK¹² Spanish Children's Course received excellent reviews and was awarded a 2004 Teacher's Choice Award from Learning Magazine.
  • The powerspeaK¹² French Children's Course received excellent reviews and were awarded 2005 Teacher's Choice Awards from Learning Magazine.