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Student Competitions and Showcases

Annual K¹² Art Competition

This annual competition allows students across all K¹² programs to display their artistic talents! Whether it's photography, paint, charcoal, colored pencil or pastels, we encourage all students to participate.

We invite you to explore the most recent K¹² Art Competition winners gallery to view the amazing talents of past contestants!

Annual K¹² Music Showcase

Can you sing, play an instrument, write your own music? Our annual Music Showcase is just one way students can share what they love to do on the virtual stage. Students of all ages have the opportunity to display their talents—from Bach to Bruce, Mahler to metal—in a safe, online portal for all see.

Listen to the music made by our most recent group of Music Showcase winners!

Annual National Spelling Bee

If you've ever worried that online education might somehow limit the kinds of activities your student could enjoy, you might be surprised to know that K¹² sponsors a National Virtual Spelling Bee! The best spellers from participating schools have the chance to compete with students locally, nationally, and internationally. In school, regional, and national Bees, students can take part in the most traditional of all school activities and have some F-U-N at the same time!

Annual K¹² Poetry Contest

This annual competition allows students across all K¹² programs to celebrate National Poetry Month every April. Each year this contest has a different theme and students write a masterpiece centered around that theme.

We invite you to explore the poems by the winners of our most recent contest!

Annual STEM Contest

This competition allows students across all K¹² programs to display their scientific abilities. Our most recent contest challenged students to create a mobile app that centered around one of the following scientific themes: Earth and the Environment, Space and the Solar System, or Transportation.