K12 National Student Clubs

With 100+ clubs in a variety of categories, we're sure your student will find a great way to connect with peers and teachers!

Success Builders

Students can learn valuable life skills such as time management, health and fitness, and goal planning.

Impact Your World

Clubs in this category let students get a look into the world of helping others through CPR/first aid, charitable opportunities, community service, and volunteering.


Kids can get together online to talk and share ideas about whatever they're into, whether that's Lego, American Girl dolls, chess, quilting, photography, or babysitting.

Career and College Planning

Older students will find ample opportunities and resources for college exploration, scholarship information, and preparing for college applications.


Students of the arts can join clubs about classic movies, duct tape art, guitar, and Flamenco dance, and more.

World Language

These clubs let students get together to practice their Spanish, German, French, or whatever language they're learning, and discuss travel and other cultures.

Science/Technology/Engineering and Math (STEM)

Budding scientists and mathematicians can delve further into what interests them, whether that's caring for animals, oceanography, graphic design, or the stock market.

Language Arts/History

Lovers of literature, reading, and history can find like-minded peers in clubs around creative writing, historical “field trips,” and favorite authors.