Student Activities and Support

Your school offers great local enrichment opportunities for your student, and K12 offers your student the chance to engage with peers from across the nation and around the world.

Virtual education doesn't leave you high and dry for activities to take part in! Students in all grades can check out more than 100 clubs and some great competitions. High school students have access to the College and Career Workshops, the Advanced Placement Network, leadership opportunities and more. We've got ongoing enrichment all year long—we're sure there is something for you!

Once you're enrolled in a K12 school, the OLS gives you access to:

National Clubs

We offer more than 100 clubs like Lego®, Survival Skills, Chess, Debate, German, Spanish, Quiz Bowls, Glogster, Geocaching, American Red Cross, Mathematical Mysteries of the Universe, American Girls, Guitar, Oceanography, Photography, College Prep, Flamenco Dance and much more! We're sure your student will find a great way to connect with like-minded kids and teachers.

Student Competitions and Showcases

Our annual showcases and competitions let your student shine and have some fun! Opportunities to show off skills and talent include the Art Competition, Spelling Bee, Music Showcase, Winterland Celebration, and Writing and STEM competitions.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Several times throughout the school year, students will be invited to participate in workshops that are aimed at developing passion for success, visualizing a path for the future, and becoming effective and positive leaders.

College and Career Workshops

These weekly online workshops are designed to connect students to resources they need to identify their interests and make informed decisions about life after high school—college, careers, and beyond. These live workshops are hosted by experts on college and career preparation, and feature guest speakers who represent a wide array of exciting job industries.

Advanced Placement Network

This national support network helps students navigate both Advanced Placement courses and the final exam. If you are already enrolled, please ask your teacher for more information about this program.

Charitable Opportunities

At K12 we believe in changing the world, one child at a time, one day at time. One way that we do this is through K12 Operation Lemonade Weekend, when K12 families all over the country set up lemonade stands to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which fights pediatric cancer. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars towards finding a cure. Students will have an opportunity to join a K12 Operation Lemonade Club to share stories and tips and gather inspiration.

Students will also have the opportunity to join a special American Red Cross Club, where they can share their passion for helping others in need around the world.

Online Summer Camps

Our online summer camps engage students in fun interaction during the summer. Taking part in online camps allows students to unplug from academic rigor and enjoy socializing and connecting through fun and interesting topics. Camps run from June through August.