Parent Clubs and Communities

Parent Clubs are especially for you—something to keep you refreshed and engaged. Whether you'd like a chance to take part in a book club, learn and share about online tools, or be part of a community of military parents who are schooling at home, there's a little something for everyone. You matter to us!


Are you a techie wannabe or are you totally lost when it comes to computers, the Internet, applications, websites, etc.? In this club for parents of students from grades K through 12, we will discuss a variety of topics, such as learning to create a fun Digital Scrapbook, exploring helpful home organization resources, visiting great sites for virtual field-trips, and discovering free, affordable, or discounted resources via the Internet. This is for parents to gather, share, and learn about what your computer and the Internet can do!

The Military Hub

PCS? TDY? Trips to the commissary or PX? If you are a K12 family who lives this language, please join our Hub! Join two spouses of active duty military members in this specially created monthly online community for military K12 parents to come together, support one another, and share what it means to educate our children at home while living the unique life of the military.

K12 Parents' Novel Corner

Parents, join us for a chance to discuss the novels used in grades 3–8! Whether you are reading one for the first time or revisiting an old friend, come and join our K12 Parents' Novels Corner. Each month we will discuss two novels from the third- through eighth-grade Language Arts curriculum—one from the elementary level and one from middle school. Reading and discussing a novel with other parents is great preparation for discussion with your student when he or she reads the book.

K12 Parents' Book Chat

One of the pleasures of being a K12 parent and Learning Coach is learning along with your child, especially when it comes to the study of literature. But if you long to read and want to discuss something beyond what is found on the youth literature shelves, then this is the group for you!