National Parent Network

The K12 National Parent Network offers a large selection of live sessions and events that provide assistance with schooling your student, managing your home, and some things that are just for you!

Don't miss the clubs, communities, round tables, series, and workshops to come! The Parent Network is here to support you all year long. Check back often and update your calendar with the sessions that you will enjoy and communities you will love to be part of.

Parent Workshops

Parent Workshops offer a large selection of live, online sessions and events that provide assistance with schooling your student, managing your home, and lots more! You'll find opportunities to visit online with other parents and to improve your online skills, your math and writing skills, and your parenting strategies.

Parent2Parent Hotline

Sometimes you just have a question that you'd like to ask another parent. If you need advice about working with your student, using the curriculum, setting up your school space, time management, using the Online School or LMS, student motivation, or just getting through your day, log in to ask your question of a real parent who is there just for you. You're not alone!

Parent Round Table Discussions

These monthly discussions cover topics of interest to Learning Coaches, and are hosted by a K12 team member but directed by you and your peers. Popular topics include "Single-Parenting and Virtual Education," "Schooling an Only Child at Home," "The Working Parent," and more. There may be a topic that will match your experience!

Preschool Story Time

If your preschoolers want a taste of something online that's just for them, check out K12's special Preschool Story Time! While your little one is "doing school" like the "big kids," you'll have at least 20 minutes to work with another child or just have a quiet cup of tea. Your little one will also receive fun, educational, creative activities to complete after our session.

Parent Clubs and Communities

Parent Clubs and Communities give parents a chance to take part in a book club, learn and share about online tools, or be part of a community of other military parents who are schooling at home. Clubs and Communities are just for parents, and there's something for everyone.

Talking Parent2Parent

Sometimes it's just nice to sit around the table and share ideas and strategies with other parents who are schooling at home. But can you do it in a virtual education setting? You bet—Talking Parent2Parent is just that! These twice-monthly sessions are youre time to just drop in and share with other parents who speak the K12 language. Come and bounce your questions off other parents who have come for the same reason. Come with an idea to share. Or just come and visit. Pop in any time and stay as long as you like. We look forward to visiting with you and other parents from across the nation and around the world!

School Programs

While K12 offers a vast assortment of opportunities to get connected and get social, each school also offers its own opportunities to meet other parents and families and to get involved. Belonging to a virtual school doesn't mean you're alone; just as a brick-and-mortar school offers chance to become a part of a community, so does life in a K12 online school.