A Day in the Life

The flexibility of the K12 program means that every family's experience is different.

Color Graphic Image for K12 Top 5 - Ways to Know if You'll Thrive at a K12 Online School. What qualities promise success?However, there are some common ways that parents have found to help them adapt the curriculum to their children's own circumstances and learning needs. Here are some views into the school lives of actual K12 users.

Daily Routine

There's no magic formula to time management. It may take a little while, but you'll find the daily routine that works for your family.

Shaking Things Up

Sometimes the best way to get lessons done is to get out of your routine!

It's Okay to Skip

The K12 curriculum includes some lessons that are optional. Students can do these if they need more time on a subject or if they're just really interested, but if the lesson objectives have been mastered, it's okay to skip!

Block It Out

The flexibility of the K12 program means you don't have to do lessons in any particular order. You can do "blocks" of a certain subject on certain days, which many families find very helpful!