Want to get a taste of K¹² before enrolling? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find family video portraits, real-life stories, student interviews, and much more. Take a peek to see if K¹² is right for you.


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As any writing teacher will say, it's better to show than to tell. So let us show you what the K¹² experience is about. This section will bring it to life for you, so you can feel it, see it, and know it. Go ahead, immerse yourself!

Sample Lessons and Behind the Scenes Videos

What's Your Story? Read real stories from K¹² students and families.K¹² curriculum consistently gets 95% or higher satisfaction ratings from parents and teachers. You'll see why once you try out a few of our K-8 or High School sample lessons.

Plus, videos: Understand how we do what we do (and why we're so different!) when you go Behind the Scenes with K¹² curriculum teams to explore Science, History, Remedial Reading, and more.

A Day in the Life

Check out these narratives to see how real families work with K¹² every day, in ways that suit their own lifestyles and their kids' learning needs.

Spotlights and Quotes

Enjoy video portraits and stories of a diverse group of families who are using K¹² in ways that fit their varied lives and lifestyles. And be sure to check out what people say about a K¹² education—parents, kids, teachers, and administrators.

K¹² Community

The most extensive section here is about the robust, ever-expanding, dynamic K¹² Community—a global group devoted to learning, sharing, blogging, clubs, service, and fun, supporting both students and parents.

Learning Events

Every month we host online events on a wide variety of topics, like working with multiple children and how to avoid burnout. The goal of these sessions is to introduce you to the world of K¹² and give you some insight into what your children will experience with our curriculum. Join us!