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Student Spotlights

With a dedicated facility and award-winning and dynamic online curriculum, find out how San Francisco Flex Academy has made learning come alive for these students.

Sophia L., 2011 Graduate

Sofia L., 2011 GraduateWhen Sophia L. found SF Flex, she and her mom were impressed. "My mom liked how many courses were offered," Sophia says. "I liked that too." Sophia initially sought out another schooling option because of the rigidity of traditional brick-and-mortar public schools. “There’s structure at Flex, but it's still flexible," she says. "And it put me more in charge of my schooling." Plus, Sophia struggled in math, and at SF Flex, she was able to work through other subjects more quickly and spend more time on courses like pre-calculus and trigonometry. "And I loved all of the teachers there," she adds.

Those who don’t understand the public "Flex School" model wonder whether students are getting enough social contact, because they tend to study more on their own. "People would always ask if I felt isolated," Sophia says. "But it’s not really like that. I knew everyone at school. And you weren’t sure who was in what grade, so there were no cliques or things like that."

After graduating in 2011, Sophia is studying at The University of Rhode Island, where she was recruited for her accomplished rowing skills—something she wouldn’t have been able to advance without the flexibility of the academy. In fact, because of SF Flex’s flexible scheduling, Sophia was able to make it to crew practice six nights a week after school.

Ultimately, the "flex" part of the academy struck a chord with Sophia. As she says, "The whole experience was really personal and flexible."

Amanda N., 12th grade student

Amanda N., 12th grade studentPrior to attending SF Flex, Amanda N. attended a small private school and was ready for more than a change of pace. "I felt … held back and as though I was not reaching my full potential," Amanda says.

She believes her self-motivation helped her be successful at SF Flex. "In our school, you're not always in the presence of a teacher." Although students have access to teachers onsite as well as online, "It's up to the student to take initiative to ask for help," she says. "Being at SF Flex helped develop self-motivation."

Additionally, "A blended school like SF Flex teaches life lessons in a way that a student is forced to take part," she says. "Being in a blended school setting is much like … being at a university. SF Flex will be the mold for my life for years to come."

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