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How It Works

Program Overview

SF Flex is one of California's first full-time, five-days-a-week hybrid high schools, combining the best of online education with traditional onsite schooling.

SF Flex is a tuition-free public high school whose curriculum will be provided by K¹²—the largest provider of online learning for grades K-12—featuring a robust catalog of core and elective courses, and more electives than most schools offer, including a full array of art, science, and technology courses. The rigorous, award-winning K¹² curriculum has been developed by some of the best minds in education, and meets or exceeds state standards across all subject areas. The flexibility of the online curriculum lets students move at the pace that's right for them.

SF Flex provides engaging and personalized learning that truly maximizes each student's full potential, so students of all backgrounds and aptitudes can thrive in high school and beyond. A customized learning plan is provided for each student, so those who need more time and support in certain subjects can get it, and those who are ready to move ahead can do so at their own pace.

SF Flex uses the curriculum from K¹² to offer courses in the core subjects (Math, English, History and Science) along with a robust catalog of electives. Students attend school at the school site every weekday, are supported by professional, California-credentialed teachers, and can participate in extracurricular sports, activities, and clubs.

Who is this intended for?

SF Flex serves California students in grades 9-12 who are able to attend the program full-time, five days a week, at the school site.

What about students with special needs?

As required by law, SF Flex will identify and serve eligible students who need to receive an appropriate educational program consisting of special education and related services.

What are the costs?

Because we are part of the public school system, SF Flex is tuition-free. The entire program, including curriculum, teacher and instructional support, and access to onsite computers and resources are provided free of charge. Transportation costs to/from the school are the responsibility of the student.

How do I get started?

See our How to Enroll section for more information about the enrollment process for SF Flex.