The Keystone School

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Grades 6–12 / Full-time / Part-time

Now part of the K12 family, The Keystone School is a fully accredited, private online high school and middle school with a decades-long history. For a family seeking more control of their student's education, Keystone offers continuous enrollment across an extensive catalog of self-paced courses, available in multiple academic levels and delivery formats. Visit the school's website for in-depth information.

Key offerings of The Keystone School:

  • Multiple course formats: In high school, most core subjects and some electives are available either online or via a print-only correspondence course. Keystone delivers all Honors, AP, and middle school courses online, as well as most world languages, with many online courses featuring a textbook or workbook component.
  • Teachers when you need them: You can reach out to teachers as often as they're needed, with responses returned within one business day. Keystone teachers are proficient in their content area and use a variety of instructional strategies.
  • A student services team on call: Counselors, course specialists, administrative staff, and technical support are only a toll-free phone call away. Your family can also attend group webinars for college and future planning. 
  • An extensive curriculum: Pick and choose from Keystone's extensive curriculum catalog including 30 middle school courses and more than 170 high school courses. Offerings cover all core subjects as well as Honors, AP, six world languages, dozens of electives, and credit recovery courses.
  • Personal responsibility: Through rigorous coursework—and setting one's own schedule with family and teacher guidance—students build autonomous study habits, including project and time management skills as well as writing and communication proficiency.
  • Opportunities for peer interaction: Students can get involved in the student newspaper, the student association, a variety of online clubs, message boards, and more.
  • A robust online school platform: Here's where students access all of our interactive courses, take assessments, manage their schedules, find out what's going on, and (in the teen years) connect with fellow learners. 
  • A diploma from an accredited school: Graduates from the full-time program earn a U.S. high school diploma accepted by colleges and employers across the country.

To learn more, visit The Keystone School website or contact us by phone at 800.255.4937 (toll-free in the U.S.).

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