The George Washington University Online High School

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Grades 6–12 / Full-time

As a premier, fully accredited online private high school, The George Washington University Online High School (GWUOHS) is a unique partnership between the renowned George Washington University and K12. Both organizations share a commitment to deliver a world-class, individualized education by leveraging outstanding instruction, curriculum, and technology. Admission for motivated, high-achieving students is selective; they can apply for a fall or spring semester start date. Visit the school's website for in-depth information.

Key offerings of GWUOHS:

  • Advanced levels of the K12 high school curriculum: With more than 100 online college prep courses, including Honors and AP levels plus six world languages, we'll challenge students to take substantial intellectual risks and reach their utmost potential.
  • An Individualized Academic Plan: Students work closely with a counselor to develop an action plan that's tailored just for them. Thorough but flexible, this plan will be adjusted as students develop, learn, and grow.       
  • Top-notch faculty: Students learn from teachers with deep expertise in their respective disciplines. Instructors conduct online classroom sessions, facilitate lively discussions between students, grade assignments, respond to questions, and offer one-to-one assistance as needed.
  • Highly personalized college counseling: To help students achieve ambitious post-secondary dreams, a dedicated counselor will offer them one-to-one guidance and tutorials—from selecting, applying, and preparing for college to writing their personal college essay.
  • The Journeys Symposium: In this one-of-a-kind, four-year course sequence on leadership and practical life skills, students embark upon a voyage of self-discovery that strengthens both character and mind.
  • Portfolio-building electives including AP: Students can expand the scope of their skills, intellect, and college opportunities with over 40 electives—ranging from Public Speaking, Marketing, and Engineering Design to AP offerings in Art History, Microeconomics, Computer Science, and much more.
  • A "major" choice: Does your student want to "major" before college? He or she can pursue a concentration in liberal arts, science and technology, or entrepreneurship. Each option offers a wide selection of courses from which to choose.
  • A dynamic social community: Students can share their interests, passions, and ideas through the school's secure online community, comprised of teacher-led clubs, discussion boards, theteenthinK12 social networking site, and more.
  • A robust online school platform: Here's where students access all of our interactive courses, attend online class sessions, take assessments, manage their schedules, find out what's going on, and connect with fellow learners. 

To learn more, visit The George Washington University Online High School website or contact us by phone at 877.382.2015 (toll-free in the U.S.).

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