High School Program

Get with the high school program where you're number one.

The K12 high school experience is one with exceptional courses, dedicated teachers, a strong support team, and an individualized program. It's a place where you can truly find your path.

A High School Experience Like No Other

With more than 150 online high school courses from which to choose, including multiple levels of core subjects (from remediation to AP®), students can enjoy an individualized high school program tailored to their goals and abilities. Whether targeting a top-tier university, a local community college, or an immediate career, K12 will help maximize each student's personal post-high school success.

An Individualized Learning Plan provides the roadmap for counselors and students to chart a course for success during and after high school. Supported by a combination of teachers, advisors, counselors and customer support representatives, students benefit from the support and direction of up to eight professionals dedicated to helping them reach their xPotential™. K12 high school students are also connected to a broader community of like-minded learners through engaging online forums, clubs, and networks—all of which allow them to thrive in the flexible learning environment.

K12's high school program is available in many states through top online public schools, as well as worldwide through the private K12 International Academy. (Students can also take individual, for-credit K12 high school courses with full teacher support on a part-time basis through the K12 International Academy.)

Superb Teaching, Support, and Opportunities

  • Enrollment counselors guide you through the enrollment, placement and registration process
  • Highly dedicated, state-certified teachers are assigned for each course and are experts in their respective subjects. In high school, teachers are responsible for the class schedule, facilitating online class discussions and for grading students’ assignments and assessments.
  • A dedicated Advisor focuses on the overall experience of parents and students and acts as an advocate to trouble-shoot problems
  • School counselors help students navigate through the selection of courses, the scheduling of national tests, college (or job) applications, job searches, or whatever is needed—all with the single purpose of helping students get where they want to go after high school
  • Customer and technical support representatives are committed to ensuring that your questions get answered
  • Supportive parents help students stay on task and ensure the student is following through on his or her assignments —but the student is expected to start managing his or her own time and schedule more directly. Students will typically spend 5-6 hours daily on coursework and homework
  • Programs designed to give students an advantage for the future, such as potentially earning college credit while in high school, and applying those credits to both a high school diploma and post-secondary degree

  • A range of compelling, profession-focused courses geared towards specific careers help students prepare for college while gaining 21st-century workforce skills, discover their career path, or explore a possible college major

Critical Academic Services

  • Our comprehensive orientation gets students off to a successful start with training, Q&A sessions, peer-mentoring, college and career exploration, and more.
  • Scantron Diagnostic Assessments (grades 9-10) in English and Math pinpoint proficiency levels and guide creation of your student's Individualized Learning Plan.
  • The Individualized Learning Plan is designed to outline academic objectives, identify post-high school goals, document strengths and challenges, and sequence the student’s course work for maximum success.
  • Extensive college and career planning resources such as the state-of-the-art counseling system, Naviance® – Family Connection, offers learning style assessments, thousands of college and career resources, scholarship information, and more.
  • Our Advanced Learner Program comes with special enrichment such as clubs and unique learning events, enriched courses as well as enhanced training for teachers.

Join a Dynamic Community

  • There are local community activities such as parent booster clubs, museum trips, and picnics.
  • Student can participate in national K12 school events such as the K12 Art Competition and Operation Lemonade.

Other Exciting High School Options from K12

George Washington University Online High School: Innovative, highly individualized preparation for high school students seeking admission to top-tier universities.

K12 International Academy: A fully accredited, U.S. diploma-granting, private online school for grades K–12

The Keystone School: A flexible, independent study option for students in grades 6–12.

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