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NEW K12 INC. POLLS: Parents Say Online Schools are Safe Haven for Bullied Students

October 9, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

94% of parents of enrolled families say online school has helped students who were bullied. K¹² teachers across America help raise awareness about bullying by encouraging students to share their stories and promote kindness.

K12 Inc. Launches EmbarK¹² Comprehensive, a Kindergarten-Readiness Product

July 24, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

New product aims to fulfill the need for high-quality early learning programs to prepare children for kindergarten and is being made available to consumers and school districts for the first time.

K12 Inc. Extends Anytime, Anywhere Benefits of Online Learning to School District Administrators, Teachers, and Mentors

June 24, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) today announced at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Annual Conference and Exposition that it is enabling school district administrators to manage their online learning programs whenever and from wherever they choose.

Other News

Washington Virtual Academies High School Program Recognized by OSPI with Washington Achievement Award

February 15, 2012
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the State Board of Education recognized Washington Virtual Academies High School Program (WAVA) with the Washington Achievement Award, which honors the state’s top-performing schools.

Chicago Program Offers High School Dropouts A Second Chance

February 9, 2012
 - CBS Chicago
 - News Clip

CBS Chicago examines the success of YCCS Virtual High School and how it provides an opportunity for at-risk adults to obtain their high school diploma on a schedule that works for them.

K12 Inc. Celebrates First National Digital Learning Day

February 1, 2012
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

The company is sponsoring seven full-day events in five different states for administrative, curriculum and technology leaders to learn how to successfully implement online learning programs. In addition, K¹² is pleased to recognize four school districts for transforming education through innovative online programs. 

K¹² International Academy Designated Official Online Education Provider for USTA Player Development

January 30, 2012
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

Through the exclusive partnership between USTA Player Development and K¹², many of the country’s top junior tennis players will be able to take advantage of the individualization and flexibility provided through K¹²’s online private school.

K12 Inc. Named Leading Provider of Online Curriculum to School Districts

January 24, 2012
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

This independent report on educational technologies based on large-scale surveys of instructional and technology decision makers at the district level shows that more respondents named K¹² as their provider of choice for online content than any other provider.