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NEW K12 INC. POLLS: Parents Say Online Schools are Safe Haven for Bullied Students

October 9, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

94% of parents of enrolled families say online school has helped students who were bullied. K¹² teachers across America help raise awareness about bullying by encouraging students to share their stories and promote kindness.

K12 Inc. Launches EmbarK¹² Comprehensive, a Kindergarten-Readiness Product

July 24, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

New product aims to fulfill the need for high-quality early learning programs to prepare children for kindergarten and is being made available to consumers and school districts for the first time.

K12 Inc. Extends Anytime, Anywhere Benefits of Online Learning to School District Administrators, Teachers, and Mentors

June 24, 2013
 - K12 Inc.
 - Press Release

K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN) today announced at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Annual Conference and Exposition that it is enabling school district administrators to manage their online learning programs whenever and from wherever they choose.

Other News

Idaho Virtual Academy Class Wins Idaho Math Cup

December 6, 2010
 - Idaho Press
 - News Clip

Lisa Frost’s math class at Idaho Virtual Academy has won the second annual Idaho Math Cup, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna announced today.

Agora Cyber Charter School Opens Philadelphia Learning Center

December 6, 2010
 - Agora Cyber Charter School
 - News Clip

Agora Cyber Charter School, one of the state's largest public cyber schools, today celebrated the grand opening of its innovative new learning center in Philadelphia.

Cyber Schools: Classrooms In Georgia Going Virtual

November 15, 2010
 - News Clip

You've heard of working professionals getting their degree online. Now, kids as young as five years old are learning their first subjects via the internet.

New Blackboard and K¹² Project to Tackle CC Remediation

October 13, 2010
 - Campus Technology
 - News Clip

Two major education software players--Blackboard and K¹²--have announced plans to jointly develop a learning platform specifically targeting students taking remedial courses.

A Pioneer of Online Learning

October 7, 2010
 - News Clip

With approximately 175,000 full-time online school students, virtual learning is the fastest growing segment in education today. And one of the pioneers of cyber schools, K¹², Inc. is also the largest online school provider in the U.S.