xPotential \ex-spe-'ten(t)-shel\ n (2007) 1: the innate "possibility factor" unique to every child <hard work the right education can unlock a child's ~ > 2: LIFE PROMISE; LIFE POSSIBILITY 3: the personal visceral and intellectual zenith that a child can reach by using the passionate combination of education science, individualized learning approaches, and engaging content found in the K¹²

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Choose K¹² to make the most of your child's potential.

K¹² provides your children with the 21st Century learning they need to achieve their goals. Our programs are working for families across the country who want well-rounded, academically successful children with strong character. And students are responding with higher achievement and a new excitement about learning.

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Life Science: Viruses

Seven Important Reasons Parents Choose K¹²

Parents choose K¹² for a multitude of reasons. They want more control over their child's education... and more individualized attention. Some students struggle to keep up, while others crave an accelerated approach. Here are some key reasons, and links to explore further.