Online Schools in Ohio

As a leader in online education, K12 offers two, quality Ohio online public schooling options to fit your child's needs. Each school is a full-time, tuition-free online public school serving students statewide.

Ohio Online Public Schooling Options Powered by K12

Ohio Virtual Academy | Grades: K–12

OHVA is committed to helping its students reach a high level of academic achievement. The school offers a robust curriculum including subjects such as art, music, world languages, and AP® courses.

In addition, qualifying high school students can earn college credits on select courses through the dual-enrollment program.

And students can connect with classmates through participation in field trips and clubs.

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Insight School of OhioGrades: 6–12

Every child has potential, and ISOH gives students the support and tools they need to achieve their dreams. The school's individualized approach to learning helps students build on their strengths and overcome obstacles to graduating.

ISOH's dedicated support staff helps students set goals, keep motivated, and stay on track. The school offers several programs, including credit recovery courses and self-improvement workshops, to address students’ academic challenges and meet the needs of their families.

And students enjoy multiple opportunities to connect—both online and off—through student clubs and activities.

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What curriculum is used?

K12-powered online public schools in Ohio use the award-winning curriculum developed by K12's team of experienced educational professionals:

  • Curriculum specialists and lesson developers plan each lesson and make sure that the material is right for the age and skills of the student.
  • Instructional designers build the activities, working with visual designers and media specialists to choose the best way to present concepts and information.
  • Writers and editors make sure the content is accurate, engaging, and appropriate.
  • Information architects analyze how people will use the online content.
  • Software developers design and build the systems that make K12 curriculum and the online school run.
  • Quality assurance specialists make sure everything works properly.
  • Click below for more details and to see sample lessons.


K–8 Sample Lessons

High School Sample Lessons


Online Elementary School

For K–5 students, the curriculum is mastery-based, meaning differing levels of self-pacing are possible depending on how the child is performing. The Learning Coach, or parent, is heavily involved and works closely with the teacher to monitor student progress. Teachers provide instruction through live, online classroom sessions.

Online Middle School

In grades 6–8, live, teacher-led, online classroom sessions help students prepare for tests, master challenging concepts, or address gaps in learning. The Learning Coach provides guidance and oversight, but students begin to take more responsibility for their learning as they prepare to transition to high school.

Online High School

K12-powered schools use subject-specific teachers in high school and require students to stay on pace with the class each day. Live, teacher-led online sessions may be required. Teachers may also hold optional online "office hours" when students need extra help. Courses may be offered in a variety of levels, such as honors, AP®, and credit recovery. Learning Coach involvement varies based on the student’s motivation and abilities.

What does a typical online schooling day look like?

Visit K12'S A Day in the Life website to find out. Through engaging videos, images, and timelines, you'll see what individualized online learning looks like on an average day in the lives of three very different students—Zachary (5th grade), Elayna (7th grade), Paola (11th grade)—and their parents.

You’ll hear about Zachary’s passion for rocks and minerals, watch Elayna work on a science lab (one of her favorite lessons), and see how Paola’s K12 creative writing class is helping her work toward her goal of being a published writer.

Tuition-free, K12-powered online schools are working for these students. They could work for your child, too!

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Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultant can help you address your technological and computer needs.