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Noodleverse™ Language Arts
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Noodleverse™ Language Arts

Rocket your child's reading and writing skills into orbit.

Noodleverse English/Language Arts is a new supplemental online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program for grades K–3.

There's a great big universe inside that little noodle.
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Reading and writing are the launch pads for exploring the universe inside every child.

Noodleverse™ Language Arts is an online reading and writing skills practice and enrichment program that allows kids to work independently to become more confident, competent readers and writers.

Developed by K¹², the nation's leader in online education, Noodleverse provides hours of fun and helps your child really cement those crucial reading and comprehension skills—phonics, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and much more. With thousands of activities, Noodleverse gets kids excited about reading and writing. (Number of activities varies by grade.)

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Four grade levels and robust content from the award-winning K¹² language arts curriculum gives kids reading and writing practice across a variety of topics.

Note to enrolled families with kids in grades K–3: You already have access to all of the Noodleverse activities as part of your child’s language arts curriculum!

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade
Subject Buy Grade K (Kindergarten Blue) Buy Grade 1 Buy Grade 2 Buy Grade 3
Phonics X X    
Spelling   X X  
Vocabulary X X X X
Literature and Comprehension X X X X
Writing Skills   X X X
Handwriting X X    
Critical Language Skills Practice       X
Language Arts Resources   X X  

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Sample Activities

First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade

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Pricing and Options

Launch your child into the universe of reading—and writing, and spelling, and vocabulary, and comprehension. Everything else falls into orbit!

Note: Noodleverse is not optimized for use on touchscreens or tablet devices.

Noodleverse Purchase Options
with 12-month subscription
Noodleverse Language Arts K (Blue) $49/yr Buy Grade K
Noodleverse Language Arts 1 (Green) $49/yr Buy Grade 1
Noodleverse Language Arts 2 (Orange) $49/yr Buy Grade 2
Noodleverse Language Arts 3 (Purple) $49/yr Buy Grade 3
Noodleverse Language Arts K–3 Set $149/yr Buy Grades K-3 as a set

*with a 30-day money back guarantee

To learn more, call 855.669.3655 to speak to a Noodleverse specialist.

Prepare for liftoff.

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