An Open Letter from Nate Davis, Executive Chairman, K12 Inc.

Our Commitment: Putting Students First

March 4, 2013

Today, K12 Inc. was pleased to announce the resolution of a series of legal actions against our company. I want to take this occasion to reiterate our company’s values and commitments to our students and all we serve.

We are gratified by the outright, permanent dismissal of claims in the legal actions relating to academic performance and educational quality in K12-managed public schools – allegations that have been unfairly repeated in other forums. We believe that outcome underscores that K12 has always been about putting the students we serve – and their academic success – first and foremost in everything we do.

To achieve that goal, we must foster a culture of professionalism, service, transparency, accountability and most important, the highest level of integrity at every level of our organization – from our schools and support structures to our leadership and corporate governance.

Our emphasis is on always doing the right thing – when it comes to the quality of the learning experience; the qualifications of our teachers, staff and school leadership; the innovativeness of our curriculum and materials; the responsiveness of our service; and the level of our compliance with legal, regulatory and financial requirements.

Leading change in a sector as large and well established as education is not an easy thing. It means challenging long-accepted ways of doing things, and that can lead to misunderstandings and controversy. It must also involve a willingness to learn on everyone’s part – including ours – about what works best in providing the very best education for every child and family.

K12 is committed to working closely with parents, local school districts, state boards of education and policymakers on that path to discovery. We appreciate the continued support we receive from all of these partners in transformation as together, we continue to raise the bar on academic performance and ensure successful futures for tens of thousands of children nationwide.

With warm regards,

Nate Davis