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Enrollment & Attendance FAQs

Who is eligible to attend Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School (MAVA@GCVS)?

Any Massachusetts student interested in a public education through a virtual school model is eligible to attend. Students who reside outside of Massachusetts may attend on a space-available basis, but the costs to attend must be covered by their family or through the resident school district.

The Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield Commonwealth Virtual School will provide an enrollment preference to:

  • Students currently enrolled in the Massachusetts Virtual Academy at Greenfield;
  • Students who reside in Greenfield, Massachusetts;
  • Students with disabilities;
  • Students out of school due to pregnancy or parenting;
  • Students who have been bullied or who are out of school due to other safety concerns;  
  • Students who seek an advanced coursework not available in their current school;
  • Students who must work during the day; and
  • Students in training for competitive arts or sports

Are there enrollment restrictions for MAVA@GCVS?

Since MAVA@GCVS is a virtual innovation school, there are certain enrollment restrictions that apply, including:

  • Enrollment is limited to just 850 students for the upcoming academic year.
  • No more than two percent of any school district's student population may enroll.
  • Two percent of all students enrolled must reside within Greenfield School District.

How much does it cost to attend MAVA@GCVS?

Since MAVA@GCVS is a commonwealth virtual school, there is no tuition. The new provision allowing for a public virtual school uses the same funding guidelines that are in place for the state's school choice program. The resident school district for each student covers the cost of tuition, which is limited under the current provisions. Special education costs are also covered by the resident school district.

The virtual school program provides students all instructional materials for the program. Income-eligible students who do not have a dedicated computer for use at home will be loaned one, as well as an internet stipend. Students and families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials.

What is the attendance policy?

MAVA@GCVS works with families toward a positive attendance record to meet the number of instructional hours required as part of the program: 425 hours for Kindergarten and 900 hours for grades 1-8. The nature of an online school is flexible in terms of the time of day when students participate; however, there is a management system for taking daily attendance and coordinating hours of school work completed. In this way, the virtual school and its students can have accountability for each student's participation in order to meet state guidelines for course accomplishment.

Can I take a vacation during the school year?

The school calendar includes school "holidays" or vacation time. You will not have access to your assigned teacher(s) during this time, but you can continue to do school work. Whenever possible, family vacations should align with school vacation days. Parents are encouraged to contact their teacher if they plan a vacation that does not coordinate with the school academic calendar.

Have more questions?

You are welcome to send any questions to our Executive Director, Carl Tillona, at Answers to questions will be posted on the FAQ page for parents and others.