Parent Education Activities and Support

Parents can interact with the K12 community, including teachers and other parents through many different groups and activities.

Learning Coach University (LCU)

The K12 Learning Coach University offers a large selection of live sessions, workshops, and events that provide support for your role as the Learning Coach all year long. Once your student is enrolled, you will receive information regarding how to sign up for Learning Coach sessions.

Sample Workshop Topics

  • Using K12's Curriculum Effectively
  • Managing Your Time
  • Using Microsoft/Open Office Tools
  • Math and Writing Skills Refresher Series
  • School Effectively at Home Series
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Preparing for State Testing
  • Block Scheduling
  • Reading Comprehension

Parent Involvement

While K12 offers a vast assortment of opportunities to get connected and get social, each school also offers its own opportunities to meet other parents and families and to get involved.

With the support of school representatives, Booster Programs give you an opportunity to explore the things that are important to you and identify how you would like to make an impact. Here are just a few ways to get involved:

  • Interest groups: Help organize activities for groups of students. Booster parents have put together interest groups around art, music, scouting—even Legos®!
  • Outings and field trips: From baseball games to bowling, gym days to museum visits, join us for enrichment, togetherness, and fun.
  • Participation in local fairs and expos: This is a great chance to meet fellow parents as well as parents interested in online learning. Share your knowledge and your school spirit!
  • Park days and ice cream socials: These are great opportunities to connect with other families in a fun environment.
  • Co-Ops: We use the term "co-op" as shorthand for "cooperative group"—parent-led groups where parents work together to plan and organize fun and meaningful group activities for their children who school at home. Co-op parents work together to tap into each other's strengths and provide support for each other in challenging times. Although these parents primarily teach at home, they see the need and the value of their children engaging in some structured group activities. Engage with parents in your school community to connect to existing co-ops, or create one in your neighborhood.