Thousands of families are using the K12 program through free online public schools, private schools, and our individual courses for sale to get a high-quality, individualized education.

Here's what a few of them had to say.

A Challenging Curriculum

Photo of Paola and her mother working together at the computer.Paola's parents noticed very early that their daughter was bored in school. They switched her from public school to private, but she still wasn't challenged enough.

"Paola was advanced and needed more," says her mother Maria. They tried traditional homeschooling. Better, but hard to pull an entire school program together.

Soon after, they heard about K12 and its Network school, Georgia Cyber Academy. It looked impressive, public, and tuition-free. They decided to give it a try. After all, says Maria, "You are the biggest cheerleader for your child; if you're not there for them, then who is?"

Today, seven years later, they've never looked back. "K12 is a beautiful merger between homeschooling and public school," says Maria, "And her teachers have been amazing."

"K12 is literally responsible for how Kelsey has blossomed; I give credit to her teachers and counselors."

— Pam, Kelsey's mother and K12 Senior Instructional Designer

Photo of Kelsey working at her desk.

A small room is set aside in the family's suburban Atlanta house as the "school room" where Paola's computer desk and materials are kept. Paola loves the way she and her mom can organize and individualize her schedule. Plus, if she wants to complete more than a lesson a day in her favorite subject, science, she can do it.

The family gives credit to K12's Individualized Learning Plan and their Advanced Learner Program for tailoring an education that meets Paola's needs. "I've been in the Advanced Learner Program for as long as I can remember," says Paola, "I love it . . . and I've had a lot of favorite teachers."
Maria adds, "We meet twice a year with her teacher to review her individual plan, and they're able to adjust her learning to make it a little more advanced."

Outside of the online school, Paola has plenty of time to pursue social activities with friends through a volleyball league, Girl Scouts, and church.

An Individualized Education

Photo of Anita, Zachary, and Lovell.It's "customized for my kids" says Anita about how the K12 curriculum works for her two boys—Lovell, 13, and Zachary, 9.

Technically a seventh grader, Lovell is working ahead—two years in math and three years in science.

Zachary is a year ahead in most subjects. As Lovell, a budding computer scientist, says, "I don't have to wait for others to advance. It's just the right speed for me."

Anita credits the K12 curriculum and the way subjects are "linked together" with helping her boys "become the kind of thinkers [who can] solve problems." Students are encouraged to "put all the pieces together" which enables critical thinking. She also appreciates that there isn't conventional grading in their K–8 program* so what's important is "understanding—not just, 'did I get an A?'"

The "rigorous curriculum," well-organized online school system, and instruction from certified teachers "freed up" Anita so she can support her kids, rather than trying to do it all.

"K12 aligns with the hopes you have for your children—that they be prepared to do anything they want, without limitations. You feel like your kids can accomplish anything."

— Allison, K12 mother with four enrolled children

Anita emphasizes that this method of education "does take commitment . . . but it's not out of the reach of the average parent." K12 has "everything you need to help your child academically," and, in the end, "Like every parent, we want to help our children achieve their dreams, and K12 is helping to do that."