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K¹² Program Guide

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We are pleased to bring you two schooling options at Insight Schools of Oregon.  Learn more below to determine which school of choice may be the right fit for your student.

Insight School of Oregon Charter Option

partners with students of all levels and capabilities to develop career-ready individuals, guiding them on the path to academic and personal success.

  • Serves full-time students in grades K–12
  • Available statewide for residents of Oregon

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Insight School of Oregon Alternative

offers students a school free of the distractions common in middle and high school, and includes an extra level of support they need when they need it-both academically and emotionally-through features like block scheduling, credit recovery, and other support services.

  • Serves full-time and part-time students in grades 6–12
  • Available for students that reside in one of the following: Alsea, Ashland, Centennial, Central Linn, Dayville, Eddyville Charter, Lake Oswego, Marcola, Mitchell, Newport High School, Rainier, Roseburg and Union School District.

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