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Enrollment & Attendance FAQs

Who is eligible to attend Hoosier Academies?

Any student who resides in Indiana and meets the attendance and grade requirements outlined below is eligible for enrollment. Kindergarten students attending the Indianapolis programs attend the Learning Center for a full day.

  • Hoosier Academies Virtual School (HAVS) serves students statewide in grades K–12. However, we will only be accepting applications for new students in grades K–11 for the 2014–2015 school year. Hoosier Academies can only serve 3,900 students for the 2014–2015 school year.
  • Hoosier Academies Indianapolis serves students statewide in grades K–12 who can attend the Indianapolis Learning Centers for site-based instruction each week. The Indianapolis program is only enrolling students in grades K–11 for the 2014–2015 school year. We'll approve students on a first-come, first-served basis until each grade has reached capacity as outlined below:

Kindergarten: 50
First Grade: 50
Second Grade: 50
Third Grade: 50
Fourth Grade: 50
Fifth Grade: 50
Sixth Grade: 50
Grades 7–12: 150

Can I enroll my child in both Hoosier Academies and another school?

No, the Hoosier Academies are full-time, public schools that don't permit dual enrollment.

What does it cost to attend Hoosier Academies?

Since Hoosier Academies is public school program, there is no tuition. Hoosier Academies provides a state-certified teacher and all instructional materials for the program. However, families will be responsible for providing some consumable materials during the at-home instruction portion of the program.

What is the attendance policy?

Hoosier Academies works with families toward a positive attendance record to meet the required number of 180 instructional days. Attendance at the Learning Center two full days a week is a mandatory component of the Hoosier Academies. Kindergarten students attend the Learning Center for half a day twice a week.

Can I take a vacation during the school year?

The school calendar includes school "holidays" or vacation time. Whenever possible, family vacations should align with school vacation days. Parents are encouraged to contact their teacher if they plan a vacation that does not coordinate with the school calendar.

Does Hoosier Academies offer full- or half-time kindergarten?

Kindergarten is offered as a full day program. Kindergarten students will study Language Arts, Math, History and Science with an option of one elective.